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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

CHEERS! To a Fun Day Out

Strolling down memory lane .....

This past Saturday, my family and friends attended the 2016 Lodi Ca. Zinfest, ( read more about it HERE ) to sample the 40 plus wineries participating, the various food demos and just enjoy the day in a beautiful location. I of course, had to have just the right outfit and have a special custom brooch made up for the event. If you are a wine lover and ever get a chance to visit Lodi and attend Zinfest I highly recommend doing so. It is a great way to spend the day, or even the weekend as the festivities and special events continue onto Sunday, but book your hotel early if you are from out of town it is a very popular event.

A few tips: there is free parking and shuttle, but if you don't want to deal with that there is a cute taco stand right across the street from the park Zinfest is always held at, and for 20.00 you can park there....yes it is pricey, but hey it is supporting small business right? PLUS, though there is food booths and food/cooking demos inside, you could eat really good tacos before going in! Once you are inside scope out the water trucks, so you can stay hydrated,  and the baskets full of complimentary bread.Scope out the bathrooms know cause you will be drinking tons of water and then there is the wine, so you know..... The other thing you will want to do is find out what time the food /cooking demos are and plan to attend, you get free small servings of food, really good food, and they will poor wine too so you could just sit and eat and drink most of the day! Be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat is always a nice idea. There is food booths that you buy tickets for, but it is not super budget friendly, so eating a large breakfast/brunch or at the Taco stand and then at the cooking demos,  along with the bread is in my mind is the way to go.OH!! And buy yourself a wine glass "sling" , you can find them on Amazon. So those are my tips, simple, but useful.

Apparently hubby and myself bring the cool factor !

The earrings are 1950's vintage grape clusters , and the brooch is from my company Housewife Chic! 

A closer look
A nice place to just stand and sip is near the lakes edge 

Hat.... have owned for years
Sweater .... thrifted
skirt.... Kitschy Kitty's Clothing Shop ( Ruby's Musings Approved)
Shoes....Amazon "retro sandals" 
Purse...Ross Dress For Less
Earrings ....Vintage 


  1. Best wine tasting outfit ever!!! There's a big annual wine festival in our town (the Okanagan Valley, where we live, produces a large percentage of Canada's wines) and I so wish you could attend it and sport that outfit. I can't drink (due to my health), but I'd happily team along and try to put together a festively themed outfit all my own. I'm sure it would be a blast!

    Many hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you darling....oh that would simply be the best and we would be the belle of the ball so to say. Things dreams are made of.

      Sending love and friendship your way


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