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Friday, May 28, 2010

Let's Review....

Recently I signed up with a web site, that posted to Facebook to have people do home decor reviews....of course I , and many others signed up thought perhaps there was a promise of free stuff!LOL There will be, just not yet. But, I wrote a couple reviews that should be up on their site this weekend and of course since I was in blogger mode they became VERY wordy LOL Needless to say they were edited. I so loved my blog version of the review over my DR table I recently purchased from Kmart that I thought I would share it here with you....So here it goes.

Having recently been effected as many Americans have ,actually world wide I guess, by the economy, job loss and being forced to realize they have to walk away from their homes , my husband , our youngest daughter , two cats and of course myself are now apartment dwellers. It is not the worst, we have a roof over our head. BUT cause of the move we had to downsize our furniture. I had just bought a new one only a few months before the forced move, it was just too big for the space. The hunt began. I searched all the usual suspects of IKEA, Wal Mart, the consignment store and even Craig's list. Either they were too much, too big or not right for my decor...sounds like the three bears! THEN, I decided to try K-Mart. There was not much at the actual store , but the online store was great AND they have lay-a-way, you can even set it up online!

I was able to sell mine, but lost so much money and only ended up with 200.00, not quite enough, but I decided I was going to do the lay-a-way route...Well lucky me the table went on sale 199.99 ! The very day I sold my DR table! Originally 279.99, marked down to 229.99 called the store and they had three in the back room...took me 30 minutes to get dressed and drive over and plunk my money down, a budget decorators dream!

My table is the Country Living 5 piece , light Mahogany dining set, four chairs and a pedestal table, "Warm and versatile country styling will complement any decor.. Table features a 42 in. top with decorative inlays and pedestal base. Includes 4 classic farmhouse chairs with wooden seats. Sturdy wood construction with light mahogany finish. Easy to assemble." WOOD! Not particle board and cheaper than any I had seen even at the local consignment store! it fit my dining space like a dream, not too big or small , and the wood tone is beautiful! I do not decorate country, so it was a plus that the chairs remind me of more a Regency look and fit well with my Asian , Regency , Traditional vibe I have going . the table besides being beautiful to look at is sturdy and well made and could morph to fit well into any decor , a real great buy even at full price, made even better by the advantage of a lay-a-way and it being on sale!!!!

Here is a photo from the web site

And here it is in my apartment....

I am considering , because I love the table top so much painting just the chairs, either a crisp white to go with all my white furniture or perhaps a beautiful teal blue....any votes??? I also want to just have two runners criss crossing over the table instead of a cloth, finding that every time my dear hubby sits at the table he pulls the cloth all onto his lap!

I have another review I did for the website, about my area rug I recently purchased, but will save that for another day.

Until then hope you all have a ball this holiday weekend!

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