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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tray Service....

I love tray's...from what I have seen from other blogs, such as belle maison , who did a blog on 5/27/2010 titled "Tray Chic" , and in countless magazines and decor books , so do MANY others...and they are all over the stores now.

You can find every style to fit a variant of decors and in all sizes as well. But it really does pay to shop around ! I have manged to find some very good buys as of late, like these at Ross for 4.99 each.... I bought two!

And this one for 2.00, also at Ross, for my kitchen counter

And while there I saw all these , ranging in price from 4.99-9.99, and they carry them on a pretty regular basis...

Have also seen many at places like Home Goods, Target, Wal Mart and so many other discount box stores...and of course while out shopping, spotted them by the stacks at a couple of the local import stores such as Pier One and World Market...

BUT the prices can vary by quite a huge margin for the exact same thing so it pays to look around and comparative shop before you pay, because for what it might cost you at one of the better know import stores, you can find the exact same thing at the big box discount stores and make your decor budget stretch a lot further!

Side note.... *******
While shopping around to do this blog post I was noticing a lot of red lacquer trays and other various pots, bowls, platters and vases in this medium as well...and again the prices varied from 49.95 and up for trays and all the other items listed above
( see photo of tray above from one of the import stores) all the way down to the same things found at the discount store starting at 3.99 up to about 10.00, so again shop before you buy!!!

Import Store:

Discount Store:

So once again to make your decor budget stretch , shop around, know what is out there, take notes, and make wise too can have what you want in your space for a lot less. Happy Hunting!

******** Note from me will notice that one photo of the tray from an import store is sideways....well that is an editing glitch...but at least it still shows a good pic of the tray LOL Hey I am new to this LOL


  1. The trays are lovely, Steph, and I love the new top of your page...elegant!!

  2. I liked the post, steph. and I agree with Vicki about the top. I love the whole look of your blog page.

  3. Great post :D

    Can you follow me and i'll follow you back?:p


  4. I deleted me, I think!!
    Okay...I hope you had a nice day, Steph!! I'm so tired I can hardly move. We had better check with Dennis and see how his cake turned out because there was no cobbler here today...didn't have time! First thing on the "to do" list if I can get the bod to move....ouch!! Looking for pity here!!! LOL

  5. Thanks Vicki..I see I am so special that you are following me twice LOL !

  6. I've had trouble with a couple of my photos flipping sideways once i've loaded them to the blog :( Great trays!! ;)

  7. Would it help if I said it was my "alter?" LOL!

  8. @Vicki....I will take both LOL

    @ Angie , um it was me, I put it in and forgot to fix it before hand LOL

    @ Leopard Shoes...I am following :o)


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