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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ode to Z

Zgallerie that is! I do LOVE Z. There I have said it! The secret is out...of course if you are related to me , or are friends with me, or "like" me on Facebook ( as I post daily lusting over pics and links there) this is not a secret by any means.

I have had a love affair with the store since discovering it , oh I would say 7-8 years ago! Back then I had to drive an hour and a half to get there, park in a parking structure for 10.00 , and then walk several blocks....but I did not was an event! THEN even when we would go to Las Vegas, I would go , buy things and bring them was more important to me than gambling or site seeing..sometimes I would gamble though and if I won , would go back and spend it at Z!! When we moved to Texas, it was a 30-40 minute drive , but I did not care, I would go on a whim , make a day of it, stop off for something to eat, end it with a glass of wine.

I live 2.5 miles from the front door of Z!( YES, when you are in love you have nick names ) Can you believe it??? In just a very short hop skip and a jump so to say, I can be me it does not remove the special feeling I get when I walk through those doors, I could go daily and never get tired of it...and I have been known to do so! Sometimes twice!!! OH and I walk there is so worth it, and a nice half way point...and I pick Wednesdays as it is shipment and mark down day....the wonderful ladies that work at my local one in Roseville , CA, located at a local shopping area known as "The Fountains" all know me, and are always willing to chat, and go look for things, and are just so friendly, and not cause they get paid to be, but because they really are just that way! So it makes it even more special to make it a destination spot for me .

Z is always a source of dreaming , inspiration and great buys....ok so sometimes some of the furniture and maybe art or other larger ticket items are out of my range of affordability given my current 25.00 a week allowance ...but I do buy there, and even pay full price for many bird came from there

Isn't he lovely??? I pined after him for some time, and then a friend helped me out.Oh the larger vase is Z, as are the gem branches....

My pendant shade came thereAs did this lovely little side table....I saved for this for a month!And the Buddha ...well it is a Z, or one EXACTLY like it , and I got it at another fav store...will mention them another day....but the pillar holders are of course Z... as are the "gem" candle rings that are around the pillar candlesI could go on and on and post pics all day of the things I have, like these votive holders ( just the blue flower)
Just today I ordered these sconces for my DR , I plan to spray paint them a teal shade of blue and use red or yellow votive candles in them to match my decor....I think they will go quite well and being that they were on sale, and my store did not have them , I ordered them there at the counter, only had to pay half due and by the time they show up I will have the other half of the money stayed in budget for the day!!!

Now, like I said not everything is in my budget there and will always remain a dream , but sometimes they do have the same price or better than even box discount stores like Ross and Marshalls....go figure....YEP...just today I saw these shells....the prices where the same or more than Z! these shells prices are ranging 5.99 and up...see the blue one? It is 9.99, that is what I paid for it at Z as well!

Here is mine....So as I have been saying, it pays to shop around and be a savvy consumer...cause done the informed way , you too can shop at your fav stores and achieve the look you desire on the budget that you can afford!


  1. I would pay full price for Z, but it is even better when on sale :) Wish I had more shelf space for items, I'm running out of room!

  2. i absolutely adore your blog!
    do you mind following me back, please?
    thank you, have a nice day, xoxo

  3. Great post!! I loooooove "Z" too ;)

  4. Love Z as well and use their stuff in almost every design plan I create!


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