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Monday, May 31, 2010

Every step I take....

Bit different post still all ties to decorating ...but in a very round about way. Today I am going to tell and show you via pics how I go about my week when I am out hunting for budget decor finds. You really do have to "troll" the stores weekly to keep up with shipments and mark downs, otherwise you could miss something! My daughter Rebecca was able to find a faux leather bench for 25.00 at Ross, the day before it had been 99.00! Then she found a green leather , wing back chair with nail head trim and button tufting back in pretty good shape for 25.00 at Goodwill...beat me to it by mere minutes....and the dry sink I recently bought ( see pic from Z blog with Buddha on it) , well I watched it for a couple of months and it finally dropped below 50.00 and so I was able to snatch it up...and the stories of our finds go on and on.

I have always enjoyed walking, but got into going further distances while I lived in TX and mall walking with friends, seniors to be precise as I have a couple chronic pain disorders that slow me down on a pretty regular basis , but it did enable me to see when things went on sale at my fav stores and be the first through the doors when they raised the gates LOL ! Plus I found that it hurt more not to exercise than it did to do so. I can not seem to drop a pound, it is a combo of things and I am sure my sweet tooth does not help, so I do it mainly for pain control...or did....but when we moved to our apartment, which was smack dab in the middle of the center of town , or close enough I decided it was also a great way to save on this... and doing so gives me more shopping money! Always a great thing and well worth the effort in my book.
Plus walking means I do not loose my SUV in the sea of cars !!

So I grabbed my gear....
and off I go....I often pack a lunch and bring a magazine or two as I never know when I will need to rest...there are good days and bad . Sometimes if there is a bit of cash to spare I buy lunch out as well...or at least a drink or an ice cream cone ( hey I did say I had a sweet tooth) .

I vary my route , and often take various trails that are close by and I get to see lovely scenery like this , and it is quiet, well for the most part, it is still in the city...
the sounds of rushing water and mini waterfalls drown out a lot of the traffic. I get to see lovely green fields....
And many a time I get to see wild life as well! Can you see the Jack Rabbit??? And can you believe I got this close to wild Turkeys???Most of the time though , I follow the sidewalks , along busy streets, up large hills and past freeway on ramps and all the local shops and businesses.

Well you get the idea... all to get to places like the local mall, bookstore, and big box discount stores
There has been many a time I have hauled home vases, decor books, an assortment of craft supplies and even groceries...and when I have forgotten or decided to not take my little blue cart, I have hauled home lamps, mirrors , candle holders, silk flowers and so much more in a large bag.....and it is exhausting , I will not lie , and I get worn out, and often collapse when I get home unable to move....but I still do it time and time again , cause no matter what I need to keep moving, and hey I am doing my part for the economy and the environment LOL ....and let me tell you if I was not walking , I would miss things like seeing this Mama Duck and her babies, as well as this beaver off to build his or her home in the marsh outside my apartment complex....
I get to feel the warmth of the sun and breath "fresh" air , and well feel the overwhelming relief when I see our complex just up the street, knowing I am almost home and get to unpack all goodies....always a good thing!
I feel very, very lucky and grateful that I can still walk, I can put one foot in front of the other and get from point A to B and back again , and it is always a good tired when I get home...a welcomed tired cause I know that despite my physical issues I can still do it again the next day! That to me is a true blessing ...and again saving all that gas money so I can still shop and feather my nest is as well ! Happy Trails!


  1. the beaver is so cute, too bad I missed it!

  2. Great post Ruby!! I really need to walk more!! Think of all things I could do if I didn't have to fuel up the SUV!?! ;)

  3. I know exactly what you go through...except the pain part. When Joe lost his job last March, we lost our truck too, so all we were left with was a stroller to take us to the grocery store and back. When we moved to Denton, my Aunt Sue bought Sean a wagon for his birthday, so we would walk up to the grocery store with it and walk home, and we would use it to go do laundry too.

    I do hope that you are bringing water with you on your expeditions, it's a scary thing when you get dehydrated.

  4. Good to see the things you're always talking about :)

  5. Yep drinking water LOL ;o)

  6. Very interesting, Steph, to see you in your travels! Nice to meet your hubby and it looks and sounds like you really enjoy your time spent together! Keep it that way!!! :-)


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