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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The H factor

What is the " H factor" ??? Well, "H" stands for "HUBBY" or even "Honey. This handsome fellow is mine:
(Going off to his real job)

We have been together since 1984! Married since 1986...we still hold hands , and sit close on the couch ( well most nights) and go on dates ( with his work schedule , we have to have that time together) and he takes very good care of me when he is home. He has really stepped up to the plate, as I have many physical health issues and can not do a lot of what I used to do . When he is home he cooks and cleans and even makes me pancakes when I ask...I am truly blessed to have him!

When he is home, like he was Tuesday and Wednesday this week ( reason I was not writing here) he also is always subject to my "honey do's" , endless moving of pictures, hanging of shelves,
painting furniture, Or hanging new sconces, to replace the ones he had just hung a month ago, to well replace the ones he had hung when we first moved here....

He plays a very , VERY important roll in decorating our apartment. I used to be able to do most of all the things he now has to do on top of his regular , full time job, his part time job taking good care of me and I am grateful. He never complains, and only rolls his eyes or sighs on occasion. And he always does the best job he can ...without him the walls would be blank and the furniture would not be rearranged or transformed!

No worries though , he does get down timeAnd lucky me I get to enjoy it with him ....

And then we get to come home to a nice looking space to live in ...Yes !The "H-factor " is VERY important to decor, so my blog was the perfect place to do a post about not forget , being it is June and Father's day is right around the corner to thank your "H-factor" for all that he does to help out with making your decor desires come true....cause he is the biggest budget saver of all , since he will not hand you a bill at the end LOL

Till next time......


  1. AWWW Such a great post Ruby ;) He sounds like a keeper!!

  2. I want an "H" factor! That would help a lot, but I guess half the fun for me is doing it myself.


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