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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are you (nearly) free today?

As life has become a bit harder, and money a bit tighter than ever before or imagined, I have had to put decorating projects and purchases pretty much to the side and be pleased with what I have. it does not mean that I do not still have plans and projects in the wing, but sometimes life does not cooperate. So one must adjust.

I still want to be able to get out and not be stuck in the four walls and I still want to be part of the world that is out there still going on as always, so I think more and more about what can I do that is free, or nearly so, still maybe involves decor and also makes me recall easier times.

I have faith that one day things will get better, easier, but know they could get a bit worse for my family before that happens and well I am prepared this time to deal with that. Has not always been the case, but I can not just sit around and feel sorry for myself, no matter how tempting it is. This blog has helped with that. You , my dear readers/friends have helped with that. This blog and finding new things to post about and on such a frequent basis has been what get's me through the days , and often out of the bed in the morning to start those days. I thank you all for that. You may not always comment, but I know that you are there....and that means the world, it means I am not so alone in what I am going through and you care enough. I hope you will be more vocal to let me know what you like to see in this blog, what you enjoy.

There are plenty of blogs out there that will show you dream pics of decor, parties and life styles, things to buy, and places to go...and I WILL do that LOL Hey I am human and a girl LOL and well such things are my passion in life, but I also realized that with this blog it has morphed into so much more and personally I am pleased with that. It was not planned, and I had not even contemplated it happening. This is my life, some days are couch days, some are adventure filled and some are all about treasure hunting , but all are truthful, honest and real .

Now , enough about that, enough heart spillage, at least for today. I wanted to share with you what I do when money is even less than my 20-25.00 a week allowance, mainly cause it could get smaller yet, and more often once our youngest moves out of the apartment, cause she is the one that supplies it to rent space for her clothing LOL ( she is never here much any more and will soon move out) so if things get worse money wise, I will have to become more creative.

So here is a day of nearly frees. I have a couple days of this theme, so hope you enjoy, then I have a fun decor post for Friday. Ok let's chat what you too can do for well under 20.00!!

As you know I walk, and well it helps, it clears the cob webs, gives me a chance to speak to God, get fresh air and well to be truthful I have fibromyalgia and arthritis and it can be painful and walking really helps, even when it is really hard to do so. One thing I do is walk to the book store. Barnes and Nobel is about 2 miles away and other then dealing with the traffic it is pretty easy...I have even gotten used to the hills and made friends with the sign holders on the corners LOL But, sometimes I need to burn some extra not to loose weight, but cause I want ice cream! So I walk the long way , will not shock you with the distance, and I do not expect you to walk the same, but it is a great way to kill the time and burn calories and well it is nearly free! I say nearly cause well the ice cream is not free...but 1.29 for a single scoop is not bad! Besides if I had not walked the long way I would not have seen this....Who would want to miss a guy in a cow suit? LOL
I finally did make it to the book store , and it was worth going the long way, as I got my strawberry cheesecake ice cream cone and thoroughly enjoyed it! Would have taken a pic, but I am sure you can imagine *wink* I also stopped and picked up a soda, extra ice , another worth it, I love to crunch on ice...bad for the teeth I know, but it is a vice that is cheap so....*crunch, crunch , crunch* So anyway, once there it was magazine time!

I LOVE magazines, an addict I would say. I especially love the ones from Canada and the UK, I like the interiors and the fearlessness they have in their designs, and guess what , you can read through them all at the book store..and if you are sneaky LOL you can take a few pics of the things you like, and of course take notes....
I wish they had a clearance center for the ones not sold at the end of the month...oh well. I go weekly and pour over my favorites and read articles, and all for free!!!! But if you do not have a book store close, here is some free ones on line! Just to name a few. As I discover more I will for sure share them.


I also always head to the decor book section of the store, and set up camp in the corner... There are books that inspire, dream and swoon over, and learn something from....
Notebook and pen in hand I am always taking notes. I would of course love to buy all my favorites and newest discoveries, I have a long wish list, and could fill a whole room with such books, but we are talking free.

Of course there are other books in the store, DUH LOL and you can do anything from escaping into a classic,
Maybe armchair traveling to a new land is more your speed...
Or perhaps learning to cook and drooling over photos of wonderful dishes!
Maybe even learn about your fav icon ....The best thing about the last few sections , they are all marked down, bargain books and a great way to fill your library and well a great way to merchandise your collectibles and have a stack on your coffee table YES, I was able to fit decor into this , again ! LOL

After I get my fill of the book store ( um is that possible???) I head on back and decide to have a lovely alfresco lunch outside the local market that my daughter works at . It is a beautiful day, and unseasonably cool , even enough to wear a light sweater! I decide on Tomato Basil soup , with a few crackers crushed up for texture, and a light salad ...under 6.00! And then , lovely cherries for dessert.... only a few to fit in my budget, I think I spent just over a dollar.... YUM!!!!!! I promise I did not spit the pits across the patio area LOL !!!
Finally , the most entertaining free thing of all, people watching and catching a few rays to warm the bones .....So my friends as I end this post, remember even when you have little or no money you are not stuck at home, where there is a will there is a way, and it really does help you deal with all that life deals out to you just a bit better, to feel as if you are still living and enjoying life to the fullest, despite the lack of funds....doing so is priceless!


  1. Thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog! Glad you found me - I'm following you now!!!!


  2. What a lovely day!!! Thanks, I enjoyed tagging bookstores & libraries! I don't care for regular tomato soup, but love the tomato basil!! I love people watching, too...darn wish we lived closer!! :-)


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