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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Searching for Treasures

This past Saturday, my daughter and I made a challenge to each other. The challenge was to seek and find a treasure for our space for 20.00 or under. I will say right now, she manged to make out like a bandit! Anyway, we decided the easiest way was to go to the local swap meet that is in our town : Denio's.

We started out early. I arrived at my daughter Rebecca's house at 6:30 a.m. and we started out. We were walking, so we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time....but we had a stop to make first....the local strip mall
It was time for and donuts at our favorite shop....wonder why Rebecca looks so guilty?
The donuts were fresh , and still warm to the touch! The coffee was just made and we were in Heaven!But soon we were on our way, leftovers stashed and coffee in hand....the walk went quickly, though it was more than likely from how fast we were walking than the actual distance as it was unseasonably cold, and the wind was blowing cold and hard...finally were were there.
We paid our dollar and walked in, handy blue tote on wheels in tow and coffee in other hand. There was not many people there as of yet, and all the venders were still setting up...perfect timing! The hunt was on.
We walked the outer parameter, and I instantly stopped in my tracks....the next couple photos are the ones that got away....
This one was 50.00, I was so upset that I did not have enough on me, and was walking, even if it did not fit the challenge....I nearly caved and begged for a deposit to be accepted and delivery thrown in ...but I walked away, and I still regret it! Next time I shall be more prepared!
This one was 35.00 and it sold right in front of me....I could just see where this would go in my bedroom make over!!! We moved on and started going up and down the isles on a grid. The swap meet is huge and we decided to cover one quarter at a time. Rebecca was soon to spot her treasure, not even 15 minutes of being there.
The price was 5.00 for these bookends. Before we could even say a word, the owner said "3.00" , and we took our time, as Rebecca decided if the chips could be repaired and then what color she might repaint the pair....she then turned around , and asked if the seller would take 2.50, he would, and the sale was made!!! She is one lucky ducky, cause if I had spotted them first.....

We continued on with our search and I saw this mirror...but again no way to get it home....8.00!
And soon more and more treasures unfolded, especially if glassware is your personal item of choice. Some very common, and easy to find if you know where to look, others rare, and precious, and in this case at wonderfully low prices! I so wish I had a place to put such pretties!

There is even trays to serve on ....A bit of spit and polish and this tray of treasure would gleam and sparkle! But nothing was calling my name .
Of course there was a lot of the brought up from Mexico and made in China , mass produced items, and we did not even bother to stop....although some of those items, if you were redoing your home, you could buy your tile, area rugs and even fabrics here....

Then I began to see plenty of things that called my name, but my pocket book just could not afford them this little gem , circa 1940's, and a rare, original tile top, it was marked to 45.00...I was so tempted...but again it did not fit into the challenge....and neither did all these...and well let's face it, they would be hard to carry home in the blue cart!

I was almost tempted to buy these creative cake stands...they are made out of plates and candlestick holders ...hmmmmm....might have to make my own, and that is why I did not buy. But they were very pretty !I was becoming rather disheartened . I had not found a thing. We were about to leave and I spotted these from across the isle.And while I was just taking this pic to show yet another treasure that could be found, the lady that was selling the items said "10.00" , well I was sold...I needed a plant stand, and it was in budget, and yes, I could have gotten her down a couple of dollars as I still need to buy spray paint and well the plant, but I thought it was a great price, as I have seen such things just recently for far more, so in to the blue tote it went, and we were on our way home...both with our treasures. We however , did take a few side track trips down local streets to garage sales, just in case, but found nothing...that is till we turned onto Rebecca's street and saw one two doors down.

I guess it was timing and luck on Rebecca's side and well my not knowing if I could fit it in my space( although I now know it would) , but Rebecca and I found this hall cabinet and mirror, marked 20.00...the detail was nice on the glass door, the inside lit up and all it was needing was a shelf and a bit of we walked to her house and measured, and decided to go back. Negotiations at their finest began..." Would you take 10.00?" Rebecca asked. The lady would not, she had spent 30.00 at a yard sale. So Rebecca counted her cash " I have 12.00" , again , the lady would not budge, so we started to walk away....the woman called out "15.00" ....SOLD, I chipped in 3.00 and Rebecca got herself a new treasure and still under her 20.00 limit, even with the book ends. YEP, my daughter is one Lucky duck! I hope one day , when things are a bit better and I have my SUV with me, I shall find similar treasures to what I saw this day and be able to bring one home with me as well ! But all in all , the day was a treasure as I got to spend quality time with my daughter.


  1. i love going to denios, haven't been in years and i suspect its time i got out there!

  2. My goodness, what a feast! That furniture was out of this world for the prices. Glad you found a treasure to take home!

  3. Looks like y'all had a great day!! Lots of good treasures there for sure. I need that vanity too!

  4. I see why you were so bummed!! Both of those cabinets would have been hard to pass on. Glad you both found something great though!! ;)

  5. wow! the prices on the furniture was incredible! great post...i love finding treasures that way...

  6. What fun! That 50 dllr piece of beauty would have made my day. I'll take the more prepared :)

  7. You definitely found some fabulous pieces at great prices, very tempting. And the plant stand is sweet.
    Looks like Rebecca is a lucky clever shopper. I almost felt like I was there!

  8. Where is the swap meet? my lord those are good prices. insane.
    THanks so much for commenting. All the comments make watching myself less painful. Keep watching, it gets better. well its gets weirder and then better.

    thanks so much

  9. Thats why I need a truck! Then no more passed up pieces... and more places to put them!!


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