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Monday, June 21, 2010

Full Circle.....Snap shots from Auburn CA

If you have been following the series I have been doing from "Wrong Turns" /the adventure hubby and I had last Monday, you know we started off getting off the I80 East , in Auburn Ca....Well when we had finished our pie at IKEDA's , we headed into Historic Auburn ( click link for history and information). There was not much opened, and there was not much going on, pretty typical for a Monday, so today I shall just be sharing snap shots from town.....Enjoy.....
This is the Placer County Supreme Court House ...started in 1894 and dedicated in 1898, to me it is the gem of Historic Auburn....There is a museum in the building as well.
"Gold was discovered by Claude Chana in a ravine at the future site of the town of Auburn. Dr. Fox, a local dentist in Auburn, is famous for his large concrete statues and this image is of his Claude Chana statue which is one of first things to be seen upon entering Old Town Auburn from Interstate 80." Do you remember seeing the one up in Colfax as well????
We parked and I was lucky there was not a lot of cars so I could get a great shot of the main part of Historic Auburn...notice the post office in the corner?? It is circa 1857 "The James Block was built of brick on a mortared rock foundation and currently houses the Old Town Auburn Post Office. It is one of the oldest in California housed in its original building and the oldest continually operated post office west of the Mississippi." Wish I had gotten a better shot, too many trucks going by .
This is the Fire House up the street from the Post Office...Circa 1891 "Old Town’s Firehouse constructed, currently one of Auburn’s most famous attractions. "
This lovely little corner is home to Carpe Vino, a wonderful wine store, wine bar and an amazing pair of chefs that cook meals with local produce, and meats ....when times were better, we were here quite often, the entire experience is truly a divine one for the senses! But there is a long standing history with this corner, dating back from 1861"The American Civil War started in 1861. Union Saloon name on round corner brick building showed support for the Union side of conflict." In the current building there is even a secret door way that now leads out to private parties....wonder what that originally was for???A lovely shot from a different angle.

We wondered up and down the streets, peeking in the antique stores, gift shops and places to eat, there is plenty to choose from, so make for an enjoyable day...You do get a lot of exercise what with the hills, the stairs and winding walk ways that make up the town!!! It is interesting to not that after a huge fire in 1855 and 1857 many men rebuild their businesses out of brick and that is why you see so much in the photos that I am sharing.

After a bit of walking about, we wondered in through a door way between two buildings, in this hallway, there was many mini shops...rather like the same hallway we ventured into in Historic Folsom on our day out there..anyway, there was even places to eat housed within...but was most fascinating to me, was that it seemed they carved this hallway and these shops right through the middle of an old building or house, as this is what we saw within...

Beautiful isn't it? I love the flocked wall paper in red and gold, and the plaster reliefs on the ceiling....and the murals, you can sure get a crick in your neck or stumble into people while looking, but they are not to be missed.

As we were leaving, could not help but pull over and get a shot of this little place.... This is the Joss House, it is a museum of local Chinese history. Circa 1909."The Joss house represented the center of Chinese community in towns throughout the Mother Lode, and in California, during the 19th century and later. The Joss house would be the first community building constructed in the Chinese settlements, and it served as a center for worship, education, community fellowship, and a place to find letter-writing and business services. The Joss house also served as the place to discuss legal matters, as Chinese immigrants had no legal standing in America, well into this century. " ( Click the link on the name for more history)......

I have yet to be able to explore the inside and hope to do so in the near future, and of course I shall share!

Since the time was getting late, and nothing was open, we got back in our car and headed home. It had been a very long day, and one filled to the brim with adventures and wonderful sites to behold, and I for one can not wait to go back and explore more fully all the wonder and beauty that is in my own back yard! And next time , they will all be the right turns, but of course I secretly hope there is a few wrong turns thrown in , because that is when the adventure begins.

I really hope you enjoyed this travel log, and see that you two, despite, a tiny budget can get out and about and enjoy life...this whole day took a bit of gas, and under 15.00 for all the food we bought and took with us...not a bad day out!

***** Thanks to the web site A Glimpse of the Past and for the man who wrote the time line that provided me with my information:Art Sommers

Thanks as well to Joss House Page


  1. Thanks again, Steph, for a wonderful travel through some lovely spaces and a history lesson to boot!! Beautiful scenery and I'm glad you and Rob enjoyed your day and shared with us!!! :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing your adventure. There are days when I want to do something low budget and I can't figure out what to do so I end up staying home. It seems from your pictures I'm missing out. You have inspired me because I can definitely do $15 and a gas take and there are so many places to explore near where I live. I think we will trek over to Victoria BC.

  3. The sunny days look so refreshing. Thanks fro sharing :)

  4. I am so glad that you all enjoy and that I have inspired you to get out and about, and live life to the fullest, no matter your budget!


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