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Friday, June 18, 2010

Pie...I do love pie! ( part 3 of wrong turns)

After the adventures that we had through the twisty turning roads of the Sierra Foothills, and after leaving Colfax, we were in need of a sweet fix! So we got off the I80 , now hold onto your chairs, onto Foresthill Road. YEP!!!! Nearly full circle ! The long way. Off this road sits Ikeda's California Country Market . The signs are enough to draw you in with your mouth watering, then you see the crowd and you know it must be a diamond in the rough! You will not be disappointed! The smells that came out towards us when we pulled open the doors....goodness, it is a good thing that we had our lunch and that I only had enough left in my wallet for two pieces of pie!

The pie, OH MY the pie! STACKS, all flavors of seasonal fruit pies sat on the counter at each of the was so hard to decide...but finally we were set and ready to dig in.....

Peach for me....

Warm from the lights above the counter, crust still flaky despite the moisture in the carton, tasting as if the peach had just been picked off the tree and hinting at warm spices , the mouth waters just recalling it! It was devoured quickly and savored as much as one could do so when eating that quickly!

My husband picked the mixed berry, and seeing his facial expressions, I could tell it too tasted fresh picked!

After we finished our sweet treats, we decided to explore the market side ....What a visual feast for the eyes! Everything you could imagine wanting or needing....Cheese, local wines, meats, fruits and vegies, baked goods from fruit pies, Chicken pot pies big enough to fill two hands when held to the assortment of breads of every description, all made there daily and a plethora of dried fruits, nuts and even candies. There was even dips and salsas !
It was hard to know where to look next, and I decided right there, next time we bring a bigger ice chest, and more money if we had it and make IKEDA'S the destination trip ..after Colfax of course for that glass of wine and poking around that antique store. There was even old "labels' that could be used in your decor if you were doing one with a country theme....I could see a really cute kitchen and breakfast nook with an assortment of the dried goods in clear jars, creating a wall of soft colors with visual interest and eatable as well! Then the posters could be used as wall art, or what about decoupaged to a table top with glass over the top....what a great and colorful way to start your day off, wouldn't you say??? HA! Bet you thought I had been so wooed by my surroundings that I would not be thinking about decor...well that never leaves my mind for long!

And talking about not leaving for long....look for part four , when we finally make our way back to Auburn CA.


  1. The mixed berry is on my MUST list for the week. Thanks for sharing and giving us a little craving :)


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