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Friday, June 18, 2010

A quiet town in the hills.....

When we last left off, we were on the I80 West , on our way to Colfax CA. ( click link for the history)It was not long before we saw the exit marker and just 2 miles in from the interstate we were rewarded with this town that seemed to step out of time.
We stepped out of the car, and the dry heat hit us right away, and there was a small swirl of dust from a car that passed by us as we did so. But past that , there was not a lot going on in the township on this warm late Spring day. Though there seemed to be a lot of cars parked about, there was no sign of life from our vantage point.

We decided to stroll over to the train depot ,

Walking up the stairs, we saw there was an ice cream and sweet shop , that despite the lack of patrons was still open and peering in the window looked like a place we might like to re-visit. We paused long enough for my sweetie to take a pic of me with one of the local residents..... and to gaze at some birds nesting in the eves above my head....Continuing on , there was a wooden Indian, but could not get him to pose for us LOL, a gent sitting on the bench watching the world go by and a few boys around the back side just hanging out and shooting the breeze....and contemplating what trouble they could hunt up. We crossed Main street, and there was a lovely little quilt shop, they were really hopping! A bit further and a we were stopped by a shop keeper and the gent that was talking to her outside what we later found out was The Old Pharmacy Building, which she now ran a coffee, tea, wine and cheese shop ...and she gave us a flyer and talked up her business, and we promised we would indeed return....she promised Greek food, good wine and live could one not want to go back? A bit past her shop was an antique shop with vintage furniture with amazing prices, so of course when money is better, I will head back to drink a glass of wine and enjoy what I think will be great conversation with the owner, and a bit of shopping .

We stopped so I could take a few more pics....

Isn't this old house amazing?? I think I could easily live here! How about this one? This was to be revamped to be an Inn before the recession...what a shame to see it empty and unloved.At it's base was this wonderful statue of a miner....panning is still very big here in the Sierra Foothills!Could not resist this was so lonely and lovely all at onceAnd last shot as we conclude our visit to Colfax, CA
The Caboose......Next installment .....Pie!


  1. Well wanted to save this for tomorrow, and click to have it post then and um well told you Blogger is in a snit today! So bonus blog!

  2. This was great Ruby!! I LOVE small towns, quaint shops and LIVE music!! ;)


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