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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Farmers Market, a feast for the eyes

The day began bright and early, had to , we were going to walk to the local Farmers Market this past Saturday, it was about 2 miles away and we needed to get started to beat the heat. We stopped at the local grocery store and I grabbed a pastry, and a hot spiced Chai and had a shot of espresso just to make it special, and we were off.

It was a wonderful walk, easy, and it was not too hot yet, and there was a lovely breeze. there was not too many people on the road as of yet, and you could hear the birds singing, and the sprinklers jetting across the lawns of the houses we passed. After a short period of time we arrived.

The Foothill Farmers Market, is actually something that moves from city to city, all over the region of Northern CA that we live in some run every week, year round and many just run through the Summer into early it was in a parking lot of an R.C. Willeys , in Rocklin CA.

We were greeted by the offer of fresh peaches of several varietals, how could we refuse??? I bought the snow peaches...can hardly wait to pan warm them with butter and have them with ice cream!
This is Thomas and Jeanette Rice from Arboga , CA located just south of Marysville, CA, which was to the north of where we were, next to the Feather River. Their ranch is called Rice River Ranch. They grow more than peaches, there is also nectarines, plums, pluots, and prunes as well as apricots, and even cherries and a variety of vegies. If the peach sample I had was any example of the wonderfulness that would await you there, it is worth seeking out!

Then it was off down the row of tents, many having a hard time keeping them on the ground from the wind, and still serving the growing crowd of fresh produce fans. We stopped at the next booth Just look at the brilliance of color displayed here! Yellow is a big decor color right now, I think this shade would be wonderful in a room , either in bright pops here and there, or if you are daring enough , all over, and look how wonderful the deep orange works with it, a natural pairing as is the green!

I was drawn to these, I had never heard of or seen them before, but apparently Kohlrabi, has the texture of a hicima and the taste of cabbage and can be prepared in so many ways , too many to list, as well as being able to eat the ball of the root vegi, you can also eat the greens in a stir fry...nothing needs to go to waste! I bought three and as I write this I have decided to oven roast with the other vegies I bought that day for my lunch.

Soon I was off and "running" again ! I spotted this lovely basket filled with glorious , bright, invigorating color, I guess I was in a yellow mood !
I stopped for some fingerling potatoes that are now also part of my roasted vegi lunchand saw these....oddly I am loving orange and purple together, with that pop of green and balanced by the warm beige tone of the potatoes, and hey , there is still a pop of yellow!

Shortly after this there was more vegie stands, and we found this dapper gent ready to serve us...from him I bought my green onionsbut he had so much more to offer, as did many stands past him , just look at the colors, if you can not be inspired from at least one of them for your living space I will be very surprised!
After we finished getting the ingredients for my roasted vegie lunch it was on to sample berries, and a few cherries as well....

After we finished the fresh produce side, and even collecting a flier for fresh, strait from the farmer , free range meats, we headed over to the other side where many more yummy treats awaited! We spotted Snow's Citrus Court , where they were selling marinades, oils, and sauces all with a citrus theme...they are out of Auburn CA, just 25 minutes from where I live , and the owner was telling me of a Mountain Mandarin Festival in November ( I think I just may have to go to that taste treat of a day)
Then not too far off was this lovely spot of sweetness...Newcastle Preserves ( look for them on Facebook ! They will ship!) There was a yummy selection...I decided on Pomagranite, and it is on my shopping list next time we go! We saw Two Spicy Ladies, from right here in Roseville , CA. They carry everything from BBQ rubs, Chillies, spices and herbs and everything in between , the list is far too long to go over, but look them up! I know I will be!Soon I was drawn the fresh smell of baked bread ..... where we sampled white chocolate cherry and whole wheat breads, though there were savory ones as well.....
OH and then cheeses and other divine munchies..... where we tried four different cheeses, above my budget that day, but a promise to return!
There was even more yummy treats up ahead that then made me regret my grocery store danish! Warm apple butter empanadas anyone??? Or how about a pie you can carry with you on the go???
BOTH , as well as apple crisp and so much more from:As we came to the last booth , past the kettle corn, and the grilled pizza stand, I had to rush back and get some flowers.....I paused in front of the roses, I do adore roses....But then I saw a crowd around this van filled to the brim....and saw these....and my mind was made up, it was in budget and I could divide my bouquet to make several for my kitchen, my bedroom and even my bathroom counter....
So flowers bought and paid for, and change given...YES I spent far less than my 20.00 budget and came home with my treasures...
I might just have to walk down on Tuesday morning and visit the one at The Fountains by Whole Foods market and get one of those Empanada's or maybe some bread and jam!

So did you find decor inspiration in all the colors and textures the Farmers market had to offer? I know I did...not to mention a renewed desire to side step the grocery store and go strait to the source for a good many items that I like to eat...and menu ideas swirling in my head! What a lovely way to spend the morning!


  1. Ruby thank you for sharing your wonderful trips with us. I am so envious of the farmers markets and flea markets. You should share the dishes you make with that great produce, and the tablescapes you create.

  2. Those pictures of the food are great. You could print those for your kitchen wall.

  3. Lovely pictures, scrumptious descriptions, boy am I hungry now. :o)
    Thanks for taking us to the farmers market with you Ruby.


  4. Hi darling! The baby blog is growing. :) You know, I think you live in such a lovely place... I wish I could visit it one day.
    I am hosting a little giveaway on my blog today and US girls can enter, so check it out. I am sure you are going to love it because it's all about home deco and pretty things for the kitchen etc. :)

    Have a great week!


  5. I love how you link nature's colors to inspiration for home decor. You've also made my mouth water - off to our local Farmers market on wednesday.

  6. Your pictures are amazing. I love how you captured the beauty in the vegies and fruits. I love to go to the farmers market to support the local economy.

  7. I so enjoyed walking through the Farmers' Market with you! Your photos are so inviting and inspiring, and now I want to go to one of the Farmers' Markets around where I live! I know there are several; thank you for motivating me!

  8. Great photos Ruby!! LOVED it ;)
    P.S. Noticed your tattoo's the other day but didn't realize it went across your back as well. Is it a vine from a tree? I can't quite make it out?

  9. Fresh peaches! Now I have a serious craving going on. Supermarket peaches just won't do - the aroma seduces but the flavor usually disappoints. It's almost Friday so I should be able to hold out until the local Farmers Market. Thank you for the colorful tour of visual (and culinary) delights.

  10. Ruby, I love this post as I love going to the Farmer's Market too. The fruits and veggies from there taste totally different than the local grocery stores stuff. I also like the feeling of helping local businesses. I love your pictures and all the colors. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  11. Thanks for all the wonderful compliments and comments. I sure hope that you will stop by often and read some of my back posts and future ones is so special to know that someone is actually reading and enjoying my "musings"

  12. Love this post!! I too adore farmer's markets, and you really captured the look and feel. The pictures & colors are fantastic!
    ps: heidi alberti here (aka, Atticus's mom)

  13. Dear Ruby, what a treat to stroll down farmers market with you. Like you I am entranced by colors and combination colors of fruit and veg in nature. I love them all so much I also cant help taking pictures. A woman after my own heart, and what is better than getting home and arranging a bunch of flowers into vases for every room. I think flowers can really perk up the mood or add charm to a room.
    So glad we met so I can share some of your life!
    The Home Makeover Mixtress Blending Cool and Cozy Style.


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