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Sunday, June 13, 2010

An art show. A Mime, A Bride and an Indian Chief

What do these things have in common you ask? Second Saturday art walk in Folsom Ca. We decided since we had a bit before we had to be at our destination, that we would snap off a few more pics for you to see what some of the rest of the outside looks like at Historic Folsom....

Then it was up the street....

And into Victoria Chocolatier. We were greeted with a wonderful selection of pastries,pies and chocolates. Soon we were told ice cream as well. Not to mention the owner's own Hot Chocolate mix...and I know Rebecca is dying to have one of the orange mugs for her very own! There was other merchants /artists selling their jewelry in the front as part of Second Saturday art walk and Rebecca's art was in the back section of the store. It was a slow beginning to the day/ evening, but it started to pick up a bit before we left and we have high hopes as time progresses it will be a wonderful venue for daughter Rebecca's art.
Her art , for the amount of people that did wonder in and come over to take a look held great interest, smiles, confusion, and even sparked some deep discussions and some tugging at sleeves and pointing as well....she was pleased. Of course as her Mama, and her promoter, I was hoping we would make a sale...but one never knows....but one can always hope and keep trying. We are very proud of her none the less.

We sat there for some time, chatted, as we do not see much of each other now that her boyfriend is not working for the next couple months ( he is a teacher) , and enjoyed an ice tea that we had gotten at a quirky, but fun shop down the way called Karma...I do believe I shall return to! And then we poked our heads in and chatted to the lady who was working at the local live theater , Sutter Street Theater, and one day I hope to see a play is a small intimate setting, and so feel it would be great fun to experience live theater there.

It had art up blocking the stage, as it was the Second Saturday art walk, but we have been invited to come back any time and take more photos!

As we headed back to Victoria, where Rebecca's art show was we stopped to take a photo or two of the wedding precession happening across the street

While I was doing so, up snuck a Mime, thinking he would spook me, that was not the case and I asked him if he would pose with me for a photo....I do think he was miffed that he could not bother or rattle me LOL

he day ended , and we had to come back towards home, but not without stopping to take a pic of the Indian Chief playing his drums, and his squaw...who told me that this was not her husband that she was running away with him and would return him when she was done ...hmmmmm Wondering if I heard her correctly, but it makes a good story....quite brazen of a statement and then parade up and down the street! And pose for a photo none the less!
I also managed to snap a picture of the local entertainment and shop keepers that had put their wares out on the street to lure people in ....Makes me wish I could find time to explore the other side of the street, and have stayed and sampled the night life, looks like a party was about to begin....but it was time to go....Until next time Historic Folsom, and my friends reading this.....have a wonderful day! I am sure I will see you soon!


  1. Apparently the place was hoppin' right after we left...THOSE were the pics I was expecting to get.....oh well

  2. Old Folsom starts hopping after dark as there are some of the best clubs and bars to go to. Its some great night life if you ever get the chance do visit after sundown.


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