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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Free Chocolate cake is "Not Too Shabby"! A day in Folsom CA part 2

Hello friends! Been a busy day already! Woke up at dawn, well that is not unusual, have not been able to afford curtains in my bedroom yet and so I wake up with the chickens so to say....did you know they are actually up all night? Yep, used to raise them...darn roosters crowing in the middle of the night......anyway rabbit trail.

Here is the odd part, I was awake and even out of bed!!! Dressed, teeth brushed and shoes on. It was farmers market day.....but I am not here to tell you about that. Oh now wait before you get upset I will be telling you all about it soon enough, but I really want to share more about Historic Folsom. But I promise I will be doing a wonderful blog about our local farmers market and how even with a tiny budget it is a glorious way to spend a morning!

So anyway, I am up, and between blogging gigs, LOL we will be off to Folsom again tonight for Rebecca's art showing and Second Saturday and I hope to have a slew of new photos to share with you tomorrow. I wanted to get this post out so I do not loose a day .

So let's see , where did we leave off...OH yes, we visited Kerryann over at Gracefully Vintage

Ok so now we are off to Not Too Shabby

Located in this building, the part with the tile awningAnd including within it's doors hand painted furniture ad unique home accessories. It is actually right off Sutter St. , on Riley St. , but just up from the corner so very easy to find. You find the delightful owner behind the counter, her name is Bobbi ( no "e" ) and she is fun, and funny, and very real, loved that about her, and it creates a fun environment in which to shop. We even were offered a piece of her homemade chocolate layer cake...gracious, more free goodies, good thing I walk a lot! It was good because it was free, but it was amazing even if it was not!

Her shop is filled in every nook and cranny with treasures , and there was so many things I wanted, even if I do not decorate in the Shabby Chic style, and I did buy a couple glass knobs for a future project. Here is a peek at her shop...but you have to go in to really see it all....

I so want nearly this whole corner ( above)
Wish I could buy the arm chairs!!
So many treasures to dig through!!!And this cabinet is it not to die for???

See Becky play Vanna , she is a treasure too!

I must have a couple of the glitter starfish for my bedroom!

Thanks Bobbi for your warm welcome, bright smile, quick wit and sharing your lovely shop with me! OH and the free Chocolate cake!!
Right next door is Katrina's Through these doors:You will find this lovely lady, Katrina herself, the owner and shop keeper She is yet another very warm , kind hearted, very genuine person. We so enjoyed our time in this narrow little shop filled to the brim with trims
Tassels, and buttons:

ribbons and lace
Many being rare,vintage and delicate... only carried in this shop, and shipped all over may email her at Simplykats@AOL.COM or call her at 916-357-5176...she will be more than happy to help you. She even has some wonderful decor items and I took this pic as it is filled with inspiration for me!After having a lovely visit with these two wonderful women, we were off to visit one of the many antique stores that exist in Historic Folsom CA., we have not even been in half of them , having not even made it to the other side streets or even across the street during our several hours there, but this one was filled with so many delights, and Rebecca found a vintage book that she was thrilled to find.
After that we explored Even the walk way leading up to it promised many treasures within ...
From what I understand, it is a co-op of sorts, filled with many vendors selling their wares....

There was so much more to see , you could be in there for an hour and not see it all...though it has a cottage/French/Shabby fill, I saw a few things , and gathered a few ideas for my decor while there for sure!

Well, that is all for today, I must grab a quick bite and start getting ready for Second Saturday in Folsom tonight, and Rebecca's art show....I hope you will join us tomorrow when I share the Rocklin CA, Farmers Market and again on Monday for the blog about Second Saturday in Folsom....I promise back to decor and such for this next week! It has been such a joy to have you along with us on our visit to Historic Folsom Ca!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful trip and great inspiration.

  2. Some great stuff!! LOVE your blouse! ;)

  3. Chocolate WHAT?? Great visit...thanks for sharing!! :-)


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