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Friday, June 11, 2010

Treasures awaited .....A day in Historic Folsom CA

This past Saturday, yes, I guess a week ago now, (my how time flies) my daughter Rebecca and I went to see if a local home show was anything we wanted to blog about. I may not be a home owner any longer, but her boyfriend Jared is and her blog when you read it , is all about trying to make her mark on it. So we went.
It was rather a bust, and did not take time to see it, but I did see a couple of ladies that I know from Decor & You , the local franchise, Martha Cooper and Erin LeDang.
Martha is to the side of the chair in the photo and Erin in the black. I had won a contest through DDH ( will blog about that another time) and a consult with Martha was part of it. She was the one that encouraged me to blog....well yet another person that is. So after chatting with them for a bit we decided to head into Historic Folsom, since it we were in Folsom already and it was on the way home .

We made the short drive and found a parking place, not easy as right now they are doing road construction...on the main road. The entire historic district is getting a face lift! But we managed, and started off for our real day out.

We passed, and went into quite a few adorable shops, and will come back to those soon! There was
And we poked around in there, it is a co-op of sellers, and so want to show a highlight of the shop on another day. After exploring all the nooks and crannies we went across the street
And we went into ....
And in another post I shall share our lovely visit with the owner Bobbi, and share photos we took in her shop....we also visited
and ....Katrina's ....both shops, I promise I will be sharing photos and stories from. Want to spread this out a bit, or you , my friends will be spending all day as well !

After our stops in all these lovely shops and had visits with the owners, we headed down Sutter Street , and came across so many other shops, many antique shops, places to eat, gifts to buy, a little bit of everything! There was this lovely shop

With lovely house wares , gifts and's just a sampling...
We passed Snyder's House of Jade
all sorts of treasures from the Orient await you through this door. We passed my favorite place for Chinese Food
Where wonderful eats, at a great price await ..OH and left overs too! Always fun to walk through these doors!
We came across this sign....
and an arrow pointing down a dark hallway. There was all sorts of little shops and services along the way....isn't this lamp shop glorious? There must be a treasure or two here!! Soon we found what we were looking for...Gracefully Vintage, and the lovely owner , and we soon found out a fellow blogger Kerryann Pallotto
She was so gracious, warm, and inviting, even offered us cupcakes and cold water! What a treat it was to chat with her and learn of her passion for finding used , unloved furniture and bringing it back to life! She does so with a "vintage style , French inspiration & a Shabby flair". Everything is at a wonderful price point as well, as she is happy to just see others enjoy and appreciate her work and want to take it home. Here is a little tour we took in photos, and we were so giddy with what we saw, that we went back a second time on Wednesday and took more pics..and I know we still did not get everything!!

Thanks Kerryann for allowing us to come in and take up your time and to share your lovely shop!

After spending a lovely time with Kerryann, we went on the hunt for lunch...stopping first for a glass of wine at Procissi Cellar, and chatting with the owner over a tasting, we headed on , stopping off at the often mentioned as of late Victoria Chocolatier , and went in to sample a sweet and that is how we got Rebecca her showing....THEN finally lunch....Where we had a wonderful Turkey sandwich , with fresh roasted turkey on a soft roll and some wonderful french fries , while enjoying the ambiance of the quaint small tavern and the cheerful service and getting off our feet to chat about what we had just done with our day.

In tomorrows post we will meet Bobbi of Not Too Shabby
And we will take a peek inside that Antique store.


  1. Folsom looks like a very cute town, will have to check it out. Thanks!


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