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Thursday, June 10, 2010

THE H-Factor Part 2

Hello my dear friends! Been a busy couple of days! I wanted to get started on the trip to Historic Folsom, CA. blog series....We went yesterday , again, to hang my daughter Rebecca's art at Victoria Chocolateir ,look at these, they are sooo yummy!!! Mine was the green one, White Peach, and Rebecca ate the one with the flowers....the Chai ...mmmmmmmelt in your mouth goodness!! It took up the better part of the day as I had mentioned before..and I kind of want to wait to get all the pics at the big premier event on going to give you a tiny taste today as sort of a companion piece to the H-Factor post I did shortly ago.

OH!!!! and at 7 pm tonight that original post will be featured over on The Frugal Designer , amongst many more , including Rebecca's tomorrow morning in a guest blog marathon for the weekend, make sure you go over and show all the bloggers some love, and maybe you will discover some new favorites, well besides mine *GRIN*

So on we go with the companion to H-F, with HF#2 :
Ok so as always when I need pictures hung, man work done , and I can time it on my hubbies day off that is what he is doing for the day. I am not the only one, our daughters do the same thing...even the one that lives in Texas still calls on him for so many things ( this is them ....Chanda 23, Rebecca 21, and Angel 18)
Yesterday was no different, we got him to drive us to Folsom, also got him to carry all the large artwork , (all at once...thought we protested and were trying to tell him to make two trips) from the parking structure, around the long way to avoid street construction, up a block or two, stairs.... and hold them while we waited for the owner to open the door ! Then it was time for the picture wizard to do his job:
I directed, and took pictures, Rebecca and he kibitzed as to what the best measurement was her hand with fingers spread or his , and then hammering in the nails , making sure everything was level and evenly spaced ...this is more difficult than it sounds, the frames , at least the larger ones needed two nails, and well sometimes that was harder to achieve than the casual observer would imagine. But I think he did a pretty good job!
Rebecca and I got the easy part, getting a picture taken, by him, of course, of us and the owner Jen.
He is our H-factor super handy man of many skills
And we love him!
Tomorrow we start our street tour of Historical Folsom least a bit, so hard to get around the construction, so I know in the near future I must go back and investigate more than Sutter St.!!! Ahhh more local travel blogs...lucky you getting to arm chair travel for free!

Anyway , we will explore and peek in a couple of the shops and see what they have to offer and do a profile on my new friend, fellow blogger and owner of Gracefully Vintage , Kerryann Pallotto
We just fell in love with her and her "little shop down the hall" !!!

So now , at 7 pm , remember to jump on over to The Frugal Designer and check out the very first H-Factor post that I had written and all the wonderful posts /bloggers that are sharing there and over the next few days!

Till tomorrow.....


  1. Ruby!! These are such amazing photos of you and your family!!! I think it is so sweet what Mr. H does for his girls ;)

  2. i found it! i will show it to your dad as soon as i can hogtie him and haul him upstairs.


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