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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Set a place for me settings part 2 & a video on tablescaping

HI! WOW! been a very busy day, the first half was filled with blog work for a guest spot I shall be doing later this week, details to follow , and then we drove back out to Folsom, to
Victoria Chocolatier , met with Jen the owner and my hubby was along and hung all my daughter Rebecca's art for a showing that begins Thursday night with their Farmers Market and with the biggest night being Saturday when the historic area has a big event called Second Saturday on Sutter Street.
While there we went back and visited all the shops I plan to do a blog profile on and got more pics and just chatted busy, busy, busy....all blog related for the most part , but a nice day out, and after the couple of days I have had it was much to put lipstick on and a pair of heels :o)
Anyway, now I am back and have a spot of time before dinner needs to be cooked and I settle in with a glass of wine to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" and wanted to do the next part of our series on place settings...wanted to do just Crate and Barrel today, but Pottery Barn posted a video on tablescapes, and well I thought it was perfect, so instead of a three part we will do this in including that for today with their place settings as well!

I do hope I inserted this video correctly...Rebecca actually I hope she did it correctly and well that it works, if not pull up PB on FB or on YouTube ( have hyperlinked it to the video for you) ....and enjoy!!! But first we will chat about Place settings
Ok I LOVE this one, and nothing here is really above my price range of 20.00 a week...ok maybe the vase is a tad over, but not much....and all can be bought separate and over time..OH and see those square dishes?? I bought the same set, well identical is a better word at Wal Mart! I have seen them at Zgallerie and then here and a few other more pricey places, TRUST me they are the same ! I think I have even seen the candle holders at Target as well! What a great Summer table setting!

Same colors, but a different feel, more dinner time, but still casual enough for every day.

Do you not just love this glass plate?? It comes in other bright colors as well...great for salad night! How about this, talk about a Summer staple with the Sunflowers...Or this for those warm nights on the patio??? Plastic can be fashionable!
Are the fish plates not just too fun ??? OH and the Re& blue garland in the top if the cloth napkin wrapped wine bottles...I so plan to do this for a blind wine tasting party someday!
Oh and you know that I love the colors in this next one as this shade of blue is one of my favorites...add in seashells and it is a wonderful beach themed party! I do not decorate beach, but during Summer it seeps in as I used to be a Coastal gal and miss it terribly! This place setting and table scape brings it all back to me in such a great can get shells at Wal Mart, the craft store has the best buys of course if you are lucky to be near a beach, collect them yourself! Find the jars at Home Goods or one of the other big discount box stores, and craft sand if you do not live near a beach and just go for it, have a fun time setting your own little Beach Party table on a budget!

NOW on to Pottery Barn.... It is all about the beach and the coast right now at PB, and believe it or not, you can find great deals there, and heck wait till seasons end, take advantage of the sales and save your items for next year, or IF again you are lucky enough to live near the beach, you can tweak it for year round! Lovely creams , off whites and soft cranberry red is the colors here, and it is so warm and inviting!So simple, so chic, so easy to do !( OH!!!! See this chair??? I have the identical chair, but from Kmart!...In fact I have 4 with my DR set!!! High end look, low end budget!!!)

This last one, another great one for the Fourth of July, and I bet if you are crafty you can make your own boat! Maybe on a smaller scale and use it as a smaller center piece??So that is it for place settings and table scapes....well until we profile Fall .....See you tomorrow, enjoy the video and remember if it does not work, I did include the link up in the first part of today's blog , but here it is again YOUTUBE


  1. Ok , looks like you can watch the video....but it is a bit squished...must work on that...Hey myself and my partner in crime are new to this :o)

  2. Love the beach settings. Sadly having three children under 10yrs old all I can think of when I see those tables is all those dishes I would have to wash haha! Someday luxury will be mine.

  3. Hey Sommer, I so understand, if you read part one, I mentioned that cause of my hubby I still do not do place settings, even removable ones to be replaced with everyday dishes....and when my girls were little it was paper plates and plastic cups, so I hear ya!

  4. Absolutely beautiful!! Nice job, Steph! I don't know setting which I like the best!! :-)


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