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Friday, June 25, 2010

Going Natural

I know , yesterday I was not around, and well I had promised another nearly free day out...had a good one too, and it was an exciting one to share as well. I had downloaded Google Chrome, and well it just did not work with blogger in the same way that I was used to, and I was having a devil of a time. I re- downloaded my Firefox and all is back to what I can deal with LOL ! BUT, by the time that had happened daughter Rebecca was here, and I had not seen her in days, and well she offered up Olive Garden. Enough said? Oh are you noticing I am trying to add in "periods" she told me I was the queen of run on sentences. I just get to typing, and in my head I am just chatting with a good friend. When that happens, I guess I do not think of punctuation. Sorry about that. BUT , I am sure it will happen again. LOL ! ( Oh and that is bad grammar too...LOL , meaning the "LOL" )

Alrighty. On with the also promised decor post. So you know me I am ALWAYS in Z, I dream Z, if I was to win , the other day I was in the store, OHHHH BIG SURPRISE LOL !!!! and started noticing a trend in what was on the shelves. All things natural. Meaning things made of natural materials. Guessing this is huge for Summer . They had already had some, with the shell /beach decor items they had in , but now it was all over, and so very pretty. I might mention, not my style at all....OH no I am GLAM! If I could , well we know what I would do ....anyway wanted to share with you all the lovely pics I took that day in Zgallerie . I know there is more that I missed, but tried to get all that I could. OH and one side note included some natural coasters, but in un-natural colors...they were just so pretty!!! So sit back and enjoy......


  1. Just beautiful....everything!!!!!! Nice job, Steph!!

  2. Ohhhh Z is amazing, so many things...not enough time! I always come out of that store feeling like I spent way tooo much :)

  3. P.s. I'm right there with you on the lousy grammar and run on sentences! ;)

  4. LOVE the 2nd photo!!! I've got a vase that i've had for awhile now and i'm bored with it!! I'm going to cut some branches off the tree and paint them!!! I'll post it on fb fanpage once I do and link back here!!! I'm not all about glam when it comes to my decor but i'm also not the seashell kinda gal. I'm I think my style is a mixture of a bohemian farm house ha!! But still tons of gorgeous stuff at Z for sure!!! ;)

  5. ...i have those deep purple/ them! enjoyed your pics!

  6. I love this all natural trend, but I love ZGal even more! Those linen slipcovers, wooden seahorses, and three horned table are just to die for!


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