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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's getting bright in here!

Four nights no sleep...yep, I am not feeling very bright. The sun was too bright this morning, when my cat , my dear beloved Bitty who normally sleeps with me , and is so sweet and quiet, started bellowing at me to give her treats...she now sleeps soundly at my feet by the way!
Her brother Koko, or better known as Bubba, was quietly sleeping and being a very good boy, but he is so rotund that he will not be missing those treats, at least food wise. I might sneak him one later anyway since he was such a nice quiet boy!

So anyway, I started thinking, well best that my brain could muster up and no sleep and no caffeine about brightening up my day. That led me to think about how we all could brighten up our spaces with little investment, and even effort ! *DING* I had promised all the pics from Crate and Barrel and teased you with those bright green here you go...a plethora of dishware and a few other goodies that on a small budget you could use to brighten up your space...well mostly your dining space, inside and out...but hey that is your I am off to walk to The Pancake house for the 4.99 special and a cup of coffee or 12! Enjoy!!!

Bedding to can find so many wonderful bright things at C&B right now !

Votive holders maybe???

Rainbow of mixing bowls!!

Time for a Fiesta ??

A tropical escape???

Shaggy "grass" on your couch?

Perhaps a napkin or runner is what you need?

Perk up those white plates???

Or how about an Asian journey in your own home?? I just love the red soy sauce pots!

Nearly as fresh as the oranges in your bowl on the kitchen counter!

Do you have room for a bit of brightness in your space???? With the low prices , and all the sales, certainly you have the budget! Even I managed to spot a few things I plan to go back and get with my next allowance!

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