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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sizzling hot outside and in !!

I was a bit stir crazy yesterday, and the apartment seemed stuffy and hot. I needed to clear the cobwebs out of my brain....think of nothing for a bit. Walking does that for me. I mean I am too busy trying to not get run over by cars that I have little time to think of anything else....always a good thing right now! I mean with the regular adrenalin rush from nearly getting run over and killed at every corner in this town ....all I can think of when I walk is keeping myself out of harms way!

So silly me, nearly 100 degrees set out for my walk. I had my water, should be fine . My first stop was to get a hair cut, been nearly a year and with my hair being so fine now cause of some health issues, and brittle as well, it was time to get all the damage cut off.

Being on a budget I can not go to my normal stylist, heck I can not even afford Super Cuts!! I had a coupon for a place down the street, 5.99! After all, I only needed a trim! I should have ran the minute I opened the door!! The woman said hello, I said I wanted to get my hair washed and then trimmed, and she "said no, that ok. " So no wash. Then she just kept saying "strait across?" Good God why did I stay?? Cause I am broke that is why. Oh well I have had pixie cuts before, so I stayed, how bad could it be?? I was sitting there sweating, even with the A.C. , SNIP! She showed me the first amount and said " this good?" UM....I said and showed just a tiny dusting, and she took an inch off my length. I said just a tiny trim on my ONE layer....she must have heard " add layers" as I now have three. I said bangs just below brows, I have them at the top of the brow, not below....I can not wear a pony tale anymore, I tried...too many clips needed. Even though before I sat down I said I need to be able to wear it up. It is not a bad cut and well, I might even like it and it will grow. Lesson learned though, save your money and at least go for the 16.00 hair cut LOL

So off I went, stopping in a near by Mc Donalds to survey the damage and pin back the sides so I could continue my walk. Grabbed a 1.00 ice tea...had ordered the medium...another case of not being heard, but large was good....extra ice. Did I want to walk further??? Yeah I was hungry and it was only mid 90's and there was a breeze, I would be fine. I headed off to the mall . I had coupon for a buy one get one at Hot Dog on a stick ! I wanted a cheese stick and cherry lemon aide!

So reaching the mall , I headed strait to the stand and was greeted by Becky......
It was slow, so we got to talking and she was real interested in the blog, and the day trips I take, and filled me in on a few places to find bargains here locally. And one that all my readers can use for half off deals in their areas and on the web.... and . She also told what places in the food court had deals on Tuesdays if I wanted to come good insider knowledge at saving a few bucks, but still eat out, and get a treat. And I did with my coupon. It had been years since I had a cheese stick !! Like grilled cheese on a stick! And the cherry lemon aide, was the big for under 4.00, I had a great , and indulgent lunch !
After, I headed over to the new paper goods store, I wanted to take pics, but they would not let me. Just trust me , beautiful and unique cards are housed in this store!
So, not being able to take pics in there...and feeling the heat a bit when I asked. I went to get my dessert......have to have my daily sweet! And here , they give you a free sample when you walk in !! YES! FREE! My fav word!
I had the "Beverly" , filled with almonds, walnuts and nougat, housed in dark chocolate, and I bought a white chocolate , key lime truffle......
The Key Lime one was a newbie to me , as I do have my favs in See's , but it is now on my was creamy, but have a bright pop of lime flavor that made it almost refreshing! After having my treat, I decided to walk around the mall and see if I could find some interesting design features. So dodging those annoying kiosk venders ( and if you are one I am so sorry) I managed to snap a couple nifty things....
Would that not be awesome above a DR table??? I know I would not mind having it. Such a waste to have it in a hall that not a single person looks up and sees it to admire! Then there was these paintings, I do not know why, but they really captivated me.
I walked around the mall a bit more, and took some photos in Crate and Barrel ( when don't I ?) and Pottery Barn to be used later this week in a post or two, and decided to head out. The mall was getting stuff and feeling hot cause of all the people in there anyway. So it was time for the walk back .

It had gotten warmer during the time I had spent inside. But having those cob webs in my brain from earlier, I had forgotten my cell phone, so could not call for a pick up. There are buses of course, but I am un familiar the routes I hoofed it ! That was a mistake! I knew within the first block I would have been better off stopping, finding a phone and calling my husbands work and having him pick me up....have you noticed pay phones are not in abundance any more??? I kept walking. Of course I hit every light. So , stood there baking. I started to walk faster to get to each pocket of shade and drink some water. So of course my heart rate soared....guess that was not going to work. A mile from home, and I dove into the local Panera bread...feeling a bit queasy and of course over heated and well it was also time for the ladies room with all that ice tea, lemon aide , and water. I saw that they had mini plastic cups, so I grabbed ice...and sat down and cooled off ...feeling refreshed after a cup of ice chomping and a cool wet cloth rubbed on my brown and neck I was off. I made it another half mile and went into my daughters, ice and lemon water , and again cool air. But I still needed to get across the huge field between her work and our apartment. Let me tell you, ice cubes down your bra is not such a bad thing when you are about to pass out! I made it. Walked through our front door....Ya know 80 degrees suddenly felt chilly! I sat down and took deep breaths and slowed my heart rate, drank some cold water and then closed my eyes for a bit....I think today, unless it is under 2 miles, and for ice cream, I shall stay in and save the window shopping for another day! I do happen to have Escape to Witch Mountain on DVD, so how about a little of "The Rock" for entertainment??

Oh and I mentioned hot is a sneak peek at some sizzling hot colors now at Crate and Barrel....more to share later this week....Refreshments anyone???? I know I am ready...must be afternoon somewhere!


  1. The walk minus the heat sounds great!!! I wish I had more than 6 square blocks in my tiny town to walk...the fields and country roads just kind of run together after a while when you're walking them! Oh well! :)

    Glad you survived!

  2. Steph, you cracked me up on this one!! No more $5.99 haircuts, huh? LOL! Well, getting past that, the girl that waited on you looked very sweet, everything was beautiful, would have loved walking with you! Be careful in that heat!! :-))

  3. Oh...and the See's candy I love the best is the walnut Mom introduced that one to me may years ago! :)


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