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Monday, June 28, 2010

Does this mean I am official?

Life as I know it right now is a real stressful mess. It is in real turmoil, and there are no clear answers and there does not seem to be a life line that is 100% coming our way. We have lived a life rather like this for nearly two years now. But it got worse, when everyone said it would get better.

I am a pretty chipper, up beat person. But I am also a realist, which often over shadows the chipper side of me, but I am working very hard at keeping this smile on my face, dimples showing, eyes twinkling, and laugh at all the adversity.

Somethings that have been helping with that are that yesterday my daughter Rebecca, aka partner in crime, set me up with a .com ! Yep it is official. I have a simpler way of remembering my blog page, and she hooked it to this web site. She did forget the "s" after Ruby, but I love her anyway. And look she already printed out business cards for me :
THEN, I was reading one of my fav new blogs, Decor Chick , and I saw that she had won an award, and then mentioned me in a blog roll of blogs to go visit....UM with life being as it is, and my brain so filled with the things that are all things NOT blog world, I was just giddy to be mentioned....Apparently, and thanks to my friend Angie from Hidden Treasures who said " NO, you won the award....." I am ready to announce that I won my very first award....Oh and will have to figure out how to put it on my page too LOL ! But here it is , the Versatile Blog Award:
Now apparently, I have to list seven things you do not know about me from my blog...which is tough cause well I share all! HMMMMM... Well here we go......

1. I like Ghosts. I have not seen one, well maybe once. I have felt them. I have read about, and watch everything on them. I have been on Ghost tours as well.

2. I grew up on what was considered a small farm, and raised live stock....even was in 4-H.

3. I was born and raised in CA, love everything about it, but think I left my heart in Texas when I lived there.

4. I am a car salesman widow, so a lot of time alone, just me the cats and the computer.

5. I used to moderate a fashion advice chat list

6. I have a GINORMOUS sweet tooth and could live on sweets.

7. I was once on two speed roller skating teams when I was in High School, and one made the front page of the local newspaper as we protested the closing our our rink.

WOW! That was hard. I am a pretty open book, and well I also think, how boring am I ? LOL

So now , I have to hand the award out to a few blogs that I think show versatility.... That is even harder, most of my blogger friends have a clear theme. So I think I shall go with ones that may be little known, even if they are not as versatile as what the award implies. But they have heart and every so often slip in something to a post that you are not expecting and makes it all that more fun to keep logging in.

I have to mention once again Hidden Treasures

Then stop by these wonderful blogs, and tell them how you found them....
Design Confidential

Gracefully Vintage

Designer Garden

DelBene Interiors

Faith, Trust & A Little Bit of Pixie Dust

Notes on a Visual Life

I could go on and on , as I follow so many wonderful blogs with talented writers, but I think this will keep you busy! And I would be remiss to not be selfish and give it to my daughter and her blog......
Almost DIY Decor

So enjoy your day, and enjoy exploring these blogs and mention to them they won an award! LOL Cause yeah we can all be a bit scattered at times and need a nudge LOL


  1. Life IS getting better! Way to go Ruby!

  2. Aww Thanks Ruby! I know times are tough but just keep hanging in there!!! Btw, I think EVERY ONE already knows #6 about you!!! HA!! I think you might be the only person on the planet to love sweets more than I do! ;)

  3. awesome! will bring your cards to you today. Hopefully you are keeping out of this crazy heat.

  4. Always like to read your blog and nice to find out more about you

  5. Great blog and thanks for the mention!

  6. Awww thank you Ruby! Now is there something I'm supposed to post on my blog? LOL I'm clueless. Hang in there, brighter days are just around the corner =)

  7. Yay!! Love reading your always make it an adventure! :-)

  8. awww, thanks ruby! i can't believe it didn't see this earlier...i have been losing my mind! how sweet of you to think of me for this!
    i will wear it proudly and will try to pass the torch on to some deserving folks!


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