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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Love affair with a Peacock

When I was a child, living in Southern California , I began my love affair with Peacocks. I lived in a city named Glendora, and the part that we lived in , our house was just just at the base of the Foothills there. Somewhere up in those Foothills were peacocks.
I was in love with the haunting calls that one could hear in the mornings . The breezes would help carry the lonely cries all the way to my bedroom window and I knew it must be time to get up. Later , as I got a bit older I would go on field trips with my school or scout troop, also with my family and friends to The Los Angeles Arboretum & Botanic Gardens, in Arcadia Ca.
I loved it there! It was magical, and made more fascinating to me because I was a huge fan of the tv series Fantasy Island and the house you see in the photo above was the main house in the series.Even then as a child I was drawn to beautiful homes, and I loved that I could go on the porch, peek in windows and pretend the house was mine! But even with the beautiful home, and the breathtaking grounds, it was the Peacocks that I looked forward to seeing. I LOVED the colors, all of them the combo and in the light they would change from greens to golds, to yellows...from deep royal blues to more of a teal shade....they became my favorite colors , and still are.....and if you look at these pics , and later my decor in my living space you will see how they translated from the bird to my decor...even the browns, beige and off white in the bird are found in my current decor.
For me it is mainly the colors of the tail and wing feathers I use in my decor . And I have , as you will see in a bit infused inspiration from the White Peacock....
That first pic is my decor almost to a T...isn't that an amazing creature??? As years went by I would collect bunches of Peacock feathers to display , and at some point when in my early years of being married, I even kept a piece of teal/Peacock colored ribbon in my decorating file and tied my drapes back with the same ribbon as it was all I could afford at the time. But it was a way to have the color that I loved in my space. I would bring it in through my clothing, accessories, and other small ways so that I could have my color surrounding me and continually inspiring me. It took me several homes, and many years to be able to decorate with the colors and implement the inspiration I was wanting to draw upon as it was hard to get the items in the colors I needed. But patiently I waited, and explored other decor styles in many, many other decor colors till I could act upon and succeed with it.

Now a days there is many, many Peacock items to have to own ( thanks to Zgallerie for the images) from hanging a wreath on your wall to setting your table....

Or if you prefer to just bring the color in ....

That is a sampling of the blue/teal / Peacock shade of the bird, but you can pull from any of the colors, and they all go wonderfully together! So hopefully you get the idea. I sampled this color as it is my favorite. Maybe you just want to bring in Peacocks to your space through art or a tray.... I wish I could have both of these from Z! Not to mention most of the items above LOL
However you wish to do it, if you are inspired to do so , on whatever level you decide to do it, embrace it and run with it.....Here is a peek at my have seen it before, but this time see if you can pick out the Peacock inspiration in my decor...some is easy to spot...other colors, like the yellow, greens and gold and even the dark royal blue are more subtle...just pops....but all of it together is definitely all linked to my inspiration, and though I have also added red in there, it still remains that Peacocks, and Peacock blue is my decor theme.

I hope you can find your inspiration for a lovely space. Begin to feather your nest in the things that you love. Remember you do not have to take it all from one place, or make it too theme-ish ....just be inspired by what you love, be it nature, food, animals, places, or your every day surroundings....look at things with an eye for decor and before long you too can see your inspiration come to life and be able to enjoy it day in and day out!


  1. Well written.Lovely pictures!

  2. I loved this post! I've never really thought much of peacocks other than they have pretty feathers. That old home is absolutely gorgeous and the white peacock took my breath away! Then all the things you showed made with the feathers, love love love!

  3. What a great "love affair", peacock fashion for everyday life, what a concept ;)


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