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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stage right LOL

One thing that is very important in home decor is the details. Some call it accessorizing, some call it staging or merchandising, whatever you want to call it, it is bow on the wrapped box that is your decor.

If you just throw things together , well yes, ok sometimes certain people have a knack for that and it works, but rabbit trails...if you just throw a bunch of stuff with no rhyme or reason to it , it will just be clutter, or non cohesive ...again if that is the look that you like and it feels like home to you , that is WONDERFUL....I like to create little merchandised/staged areas through out my apartment home. I guess it came from watching Christopher Lowell for years, or maybe it started off earlier when I was working at a dress shop as a window and wall display "artist" . Maybe earlier when I was actually drawing a lot and had to stage my items that I was going to draw....either way it is what makes me happy.

I often change my accessories around, room to room, spot to spot, edit, put back , add in new , put things away and bring them back is free after all and as my new friend from FB , Jen Duchene of Lift Your Spirits Home Decor said yesterday it is free and just some tweaking now and again can really make a room.

Yesterday on another blog I was reading, one of my favorites belle maison , did a blog called "All About the Details" and showed a beautiful example of accessorizing your home...adding in the details .... Here is a sample of her pics she sure to click the link above to see her full blog for that day and to see all the glorious pics that she used to demonstrate what she was talking about!

Here is a one I have in my files that I found on home decor magazine sites....We could go on and on with the wonderful photos/examples out there !! There are so many wonderful sources to learn the art of accessorizing. Stores, go window shopping ! Books, there are entire books out there on the I loved was Feather Your Nest by Nell Hill...I adore her book and though I gave it away, I often go to the book store and look over it again and again...she has many wonderful books out , and all are a feast for the eyes! There is a plethora of books on Amazon and in book stores that can guide you if you do not have a natural talent or just do not know where to start...and looking at books at the book store is of my fav past things, FREE !!

Here is a sampling of areas about my home that I have staged with accessories...and as more blogs follow I am sure I will share quite a few more....working on a tray display for my kitchen counter now as a matter of fact! But here are what I have photographed so far....

You will notice that the same accessories keep showing up , but in different ways, that happens when I "play" with my decor....I am sure most of the items will move many more times! Creating new looks, feels and dynamics to my decor. Now it is your turn....go play, set the stage for a beautiful decor and home fearless and remember you can always switch things around!


  1. Love the lamp in the first picture. Keep playing with the decor and we'll keep coming over ;)

  2. I love the Kartell Bourgie lamp in the first picture. I have one, and it is the best piece. The size is great- and it goes in every room. Modern, ttraditional, colorful, neutral. I highly recommend it!

    Tomorrow is the last day of my giveaway for the Hello, Splendor necklace Beth made. You should totally come enter!!! :)

  3. I think everything looks lovely...the sites you suggest visiting and yours! Love how you rearrange and make so many interesting vignettes with your own pieces!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! I love accessories too & totally agree, that those little details make a room.

  5. cute cute cute cute all looks so good hunny. i love :)

  6. Love it! Your home is so cute!


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