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Monday, July 19, 2010

Cheers in Lodi Ca!

Yesterday was a great day! A day to let everything that is going on drift away and just enjoy our time with friends, drinking wonderful wine and eating great BBQ. We were greeted with welcomes and hugs. There was laughter, there was chatter and there was re-connecting. It was what was needed during these tough times. Everyone had a story of what life had been like since we last saw each other, but it seemed easy to share, rather than painful, and then it was put aside to enjoy the wonderful day ahead.

We made the 45 minute drive from our apartment to Lodi California and the home of M2 Winery.......
Off Turner road, in a storage building , across from the dump of all places it beckons you to give it a try and forget the location and be blown away from the wine will make you forget where it is made, it is that good.

When you walk inside the small tasting room, you are always greeted with smiling faces and today was no exception....In this pic, Layne Montgomery , the wine maker and one of the owners and also Pam Ashby, one of the wine club members and regulars that help out at events. 

The tasting room is a warm , welcoming, space filled with many things to look at and of course the tasting bar!

  There is the awards and bottled wine......
There is the Lodi Map that shows you where all the wineries are , and there is now even a book that you can buy! And it is one of my fav places to sit and visit with those at the tasting bar......

When you go into the next space, where all the wonderful barrels are , there is always a supplemental tasting table, and that is usually where you will find my husband, Robert, and on this day , there was also Chris Santana , one of the owners.....
And this day there was also wonderful BBQ being prepared outside by Chef Irie Gengler and then served inside the barreling room...There was BBQ ribs, three types of sausage, grilled marinated onions and asparagus ...Wish I was able to get more photos of the food, but there was a swarm of people the minute it was set down....just have to trust me it was delicious!!!!!
As the customers soon dissipated and it was just wine club members and friends left behind , we were treated to a barrel tasting of a Cabernet and a Port that will be available in the future....always a treat to be able to taste it while it is in the process, and have it be amazing even before it is ready!! Layne even climbed up the barrels for us!
Here is a pic of the room where they press the wine, bottle the wine and even some wine storage as well...thought you might like a peek..... rather mysterious looking isn't it ???  

So that was our day at  


 So until next time ....... Cheers!!!


  1. Looks like tons of fun!! Not to mention, you're looking rather fabulous! ;)

  2. So love this post! My friend's dad recently had to close down his wine show, which is as close as I've ever been to a winery. Very sad, indeed.

    These pictures are just fabulous though! Makes me wish I wasn't on the other side of the country, otherwise I'd have to visit. Glad y'all had fun, and I agree with Kendra - you're looking rather fabulous!!

  3. Hello from Lady Bloggers! So glad I've found your site... we have a winery just down the road and it's a great place to visit and taste local wine... your pictures are gorgeous and you look great... come visit when you can and check out my very first vlog...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  4. What a perfect day! I LOVE it! What a pretty place. Just lovely. I am glad you had a fun time. It was totally worth the 45 minute drive, right?

  5. Yes it was worth, and always is worth the 45 minute drive ! Thanks for stopping by!


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