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Friday, July 23, 2010

MORE changes!

Told you it was a theme . Sorry I skipped yesterday, and well nearly skipped today , just pure exhaustion. And well some days the muse is just not there.

I shared with you that I was going to start really concentrating on my health , eating better, and exercising more, etc. Well, without that sugar and with getting up at 7 a.m. to get back to walking daily ( to beat the heat) well, I think it has taken it's toll. I am not giving up, nope, just my body going through the transitions as it kicks the sugar habit I think. PLUS, once I get back from my walk, it is sort of like now what?? Watching TV all day is such a bore! The neighbors below us , their teenager, or maybe she is a baby sitter, cranks the screech and drum beat music so my head pounds in time, so reading is out. So I just get rather bored, and well boredom really does not make for good blog posts. *SIGH* *YAWN*, then *YAWN AGAIN*
  I am sure once these hot days of Summer pass, I shall be out and about taking pictures of all the new store merchandise brought in for the Fall season. Maybe even include some fashion shots here and there, I do adore Fall Fashion! Yes this is me playing fashion model.....
 Until then, just want to warn you that there might be days skipped, when a nap seems more appealing than creating a post.....

 I mentioned MORE changes in the title though. I have some great news, or at least I hope it will be . My husband Robert, he got a new job! Today is his first day. A bell to car sales that means opening to closing and sometimes beyond. He finally got a new management job. He will have a commute, which means I am more of a work widow . I have been there before, and well it is not much worse than before, management often stays after others leave. So I really am going to have to learn how to occupy my time better than naps !

 We have high hopes this will ease some of the stress, and financial worries that we have had to face over the last nearly two years. It will not make for much of a bigger budget for life and fun as we need to pay off bills, put money into savings, and well we are just budget minded people. I like a sale, getting the best price, the more bang for my buck, so the theme behind the blog will not change much. There might be a few more adventures here and there . But there will be a transition time while he gets used to the new dealership and well till the money starts to come in ...we think we can squeak by.

 We do not know what this means for our living situation though. We have no idea how much rent will be raised here, so we still might have to relocate to another apartment. I have started looking and there is prospects, until we get the notice here sometime in August we suspect, well it is still up in the I have not been wanting to decorate much past what I have, cause I do not know if we will have to downsize more. I am ok with doing so, as I told you, small space do not bother us. We only need just enough....we pretty much live our lives that way. 

 We would like to stay here , in this apartment, despite the neighbors. Simply to give our youngest time to save up for a car before we push her out of the nest. Our daughters, though they do not see us often, I think would like us to stay here, simply cause we have never been far from them and if we move, even to a near by town, it will become less often than it is now. I actually like to move. I find new spaces, new towns, new faces, new things to do and explore exciting. But just as God closed so many doors and then opened this one, I am sure he will do so with where we are to be living. 

In all this I was taught a lesson of faith. Many will tell me so. They will say they "knew it all along" . They knew it would be fine. Give it to God, have faith, if you leave it all to HIM, he will come through. I have seen that many times over and over, and YET, I never seem to be able to give up my human side , my need for knowing and control of the things around me to let go 100% and have faith that it will all be fine. Even now, even with this GREAT news, I am having a hard time. I have seen HIM "step" in, in the last minute and provide for us. Our entire married life, with all it's ups and downs, when we have been really low down, in the last hour so to say something like this has happened. YET , I could not relinquish the fear and the stress. He , I know kept this roof over our head each month. He I know provided.   
 This past couple of weeks, suddenly out of nowhere, I could see clearly, could recognize the doors closing, and others opening. I could feel the change. I could sense the shift in things. I let go. I let be , and though I was still holding my breath, I allowed things to just be and just happen. We have been rewarded. Now I am a very faithful person , even when I do not show it. I am not a preachy person, and I can not quote scripture, despite being a church goer, even a Deacon for many years, but I KNOW, even when doubt over rides , that HE is there and we are not alone. I guess, it just often takes Earth's Angels to remind thank you my friends for the love and support and the reminders. OH and for crossing everything all the time for me and my family. I know there is still many roller coaster rides, bumpy roads and unknowns ahead, but I am going to start trying to change the voices in my head that tell me to freak out and worry about them all and just enjoy the ride...NOW that is a CHANGE!


  1. You Go Steph!!! That was so positive and I feel uplifted just reading it!! You guy's will do fine, but I will not stop praying for you! I hope you always know that I am here for you....even long distance! Love ya bunches! Mom

  2. I marked funny, because I enjoyed the pictures :)

  3. GREAT post RUBY!!!!!!!! Ditto what Vicki said!!! Btw- LOVE that photo of you!!!

  4. I wanted to reply to a comment that you left in regards to the "radio chips" Wal-Mart is introducing. As a journalist, I have access to the AP Wire; all stories are confirmed and sourced properly before printed on the stream we gain access to.

    The article in which I wrote was from the Wall Street journal, which obtained a personal interview from Wal-Mart's corporate marketing PR rep who gives this data.

    Starting August 1, 2010 Wal-Mart will try the radio tagging on underwear, bras, jeans, and over 200 items on the floor. As I stated in the article (which scares me a bit) is that consumers can remove some of the tags on some of the items while other tags are embedded into the product (such as a tag less thong). I went further into depth for continued research to find that in 80% of these the radio chip will be in the tag, simply cut the tag off that tells size and washing instructions to remove the chip. Target has already done this for 6 months, I am a bit scared; radio tagging was introduced for inventory 2.5 years ago.

    I'm all for inventory control, like you I am tired of the smaller sizes in jeans being out of stock and also other smaller items! I hope it does control the inventory better. I just wonder how many jobs such tagging will later outsource?



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