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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Fun....

Last night was a good night ! I went to the local market , the one I shared with you last week, and did the wine tasting...again, you can not beat 3.00 for six tastings, and then free cheese and bread to munch on ...Oh and then you get a coupon for 3.00 off a bottle if you like...not a bad deal! Made all the better by it being walking distance.

 While there a new acquaintance that comes to all the Friday night wine tastings asked me if I knew about the concert in the park series here locally. I did for our town of Roseville , but not Rocklin, which we live on the edge of . Well there was one this very night, and would I like to join them. She knows about the blog and my budget, and well sharing free we parted ways for awhile and soon re-met up at the local park.

 It was a wonderful evening, the air was warm, but not too hot, the sun was below the trees and there was a slight breeze. I was able to find a parking place pretty easily and walked over to the area that I was told they would be at. There was people everywhere and I was not able to spot them right away, so I decided to explore!
 There was local businesses with food booths and product booths, and children playing, dogs being walked about and played with , just so much activity and a great showing of community spirit collected all in one area.
You could have your choice of pizza, kettle corn, rainbow colored snow cones, and iced cold frozen lemon aide. You could spin the prize wheels at certain booths and enter raffles at others. There was much to do. Plus it seemed that there was regulars as so many were saying hello and stopping to chat with their friends and neighbors .   
Many had their own supplies of food and drink , as so did we, and were all settled in to just sit back and enjoy the band,their family and friends and just an all over great, relaxing (and free if you brought your own items ) evening in the park. 

The band Eclipse ( at least I think that is who they said they were ) started to play and through the night played everything from Country to Pop , Antebellum to Katy Perry and even B52's ...and so many other songs in between.

There was conversion and great munchies of salami, cheese and bread and of course more wine, and it was the perfect way to spend a Friday evening....only thing that would have made it better is if my hubby Robert could have been there, he was working a bell to bell his first day on the new job and would not be home till well after the event was over. 

 This is a wonderful way to spend an evening, even if I had been all by myself, I think I could not have enjoyed it more, and it was far better than re-runs on tv ....I really urge you to see if you have such things in your area . Check your cities web pages and click residents or events , there is bound to be similar things in your area. Plus you can not beat free! I plan to try to go to all the events that I can and look forward to also going to Shakespeare in the park as well this Summer...what could be more perfect than spending a warm Summer eve in the park amongst friends and an over whelming feeling of contentment and happiness all around and getting to enjoy live music and theater?


  1. Hi there! I found you by mingling with the ladies at the tea party! You totally reminded me that there is lots of free stuff to do in our communities. Arts and Craft Fairs, Music in the Park, etc. I'm off to look some of those up! Have a great week.

  2. I'm stopping over from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party. We have a free concert in the park every first Friday night in my town too, It's really a fun thing to do!

  3. That sounds fantastic!!! I'm going to check and see what we've got in my town! Glad to hear Robert did get the job!!!! ;)


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