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Sunday, July 25, 2010

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning....

I know. This is supposed to be Eye Candy Sunday...and there will be some..promise. I just wanted to share how I spent my Sunday morning. I hope you enjoy "coming along with me " .

I woke early, how can I not? I have cats that want treats at dawn and well my bedroom has three windows and all get the morning sun so it is a wake up call each day. I decided since I had skipped yesterday's walk, (well besides a quick jaunt to the local shopping center for an ice tea with my daughter Rebecca) that I would take a long one today.

I got up , got dressed and grabbed my fanny pack and water bottle , zipped up my walking shoes and off I went. We are having a nice break from the heat...well the triple digits, and the Delta breeze was in full force. A lovely morning for a walk, especially a nice long one that I had not been able to take for some time.

 I decided today would be a perfect day for a breakfast out, and somewhere there was a patio to enjoy the breeze and perhaps keep myself occupied while eating. I decided on a place called MIMI'S, and headed off in that direction. It is just over 2 miles away and an easy walk from where we live. I did indeed get a lovely seat on the patio and was pleasantly surprised that they had a light and fit breakfast menu, great since I am trying to loose weight. I ordered my coffee first.....
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 Then I soon after ordered a nice breakfast that fit all my diet rules....protein ( eggs), fruit, whole grain toast with no butter, and an orange juice.
And the best part of this , well besides the fact that I did not have to cook, and was able to stick to my diet ( though the crepes sounded sooo yummy!) was I also was on the patio by myself for the most of the time and had a lovely view.....what could be more relaxing ??
As I was finishing my breakfast the patio was soon filling up with families, so I decided to get my check and my OJ to go, and head off
I figured heading across the street, to the shopping center that I mention often would be a very good idea....there was bathrooms so when the water, coffee and OJ hit, well that would be very much needed, and well perfect time to people watch by the fountains...........
Then after a brief time of doing that, listening to the music and cooling off by the mists , it was off to explore the few shops that were open by 10. There were not many, but lucky me Zgallerie was open , and even though I had forgotten my camera and had to use my phone for pics ( excuse the few that are blurry...could not tell if they were or not till I was home) I got a few shots of things that hint at Fall inventory coming in ( great time to hit the clearance sales !!!) So here is the promised "eye candy" ! I have also included West Elm, and a single window shot from Anthropologie , since they where not open......enjoy......
These are all from Z.....The window from Anthro and well the last few from West Elm.....

So after just a little poking around, it was time to head back as I could feel the air getting warmer and the breeze was not quite as cooling. I decided to take one of the many bike/walking paths back , at least part of the way...who can resist wanting to walk surrounded by nature in the middle of the city??? I mean look at this view!!
I took only part of it, wanting to stop off at ULTA for some nail polish for my toes...always nice to buy a new color , a great inexpensive pick me up. Then of course hit the book store and then on home to share my morning with you all ...of course it is afternoon now, but that is a mere detail (hehe) .
So that was my day so I am ready for a late lunch and my latest issue of Vogue and Traditional Home magazines ( that's a mix isn't it?) , watch some tv and straiten the house before it is time for an evening spent with HGTV and Food Network...oh and painting my toes! 

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Sunday and will "see" you again next time!


  1. What an absolutely lovely way to spend the day! (Sounds a bit like heaven to me!) But I gotta tell you - I love the fact that I was able to do some "window shopping" through this post - my, we saw some great things today (and I love Z gallerie! One of my favorite stores!) I'm SO enjoying your blog!!! I'll be back for more soon!!!

  2. Thanks for going window shopping with me ! Hopefully next time there is more shops open!

  3. Ruby- that sounds like a perfect sunday!! LOVE some Z, West elm and Anthro!! ;)

  4. That looked so relaxing! What a lovely way to spend the day. Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out. :)

  5. I enjoyed "our" outing! Love ya!


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