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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not tipping the scales so much ....

Well it is Tuesday, and progress report . Last week if you remember , I challenged myself to loosing weight, working out more, and eating better. Making Positive changes. I was brave enough to list my weight and measurements. It was a hard week , I shall not lie. Changes of any kind are hard. But I stuck to my guns and one week down and only a couple slip ups. Slip ups are ok though, they happen . You just have to get right back on track and keep going.

 So, goals for week one were to up my water....I got to know the ladies room and all the location of the ones locally quite well. Oh and an added plus, I learned to walk faster and avoid bowling over people. But I have successfully for the last week upped my water to 8 glasses of water in a day. I feel like a water balloon most days, but if I remember from the last time I was doing this, it does get better and so that is the hope. I know I crave it more, even found a couple cute water bottles to drink from!

I also wanted to walk further, and thank goodness the weather has been allowing that, well and I started getting up when I wake up instead of lazing around. I LOVE staying in bed and just snuggling, but I made a commitment to my daughter Angel's friend Andrea that I would walk with her as often as she would like to...and so between 7:30 and 8 A.M., we are out the door. I am afraid that I chatter her ear off, as it is nice to have a walking partner again. I have also been going out again on my own during the day for quick local jaunts to the market or for an ice tea. And of course you know of the long walk on Sunday. I can not say such long walks will happen often if it gets hot again, but 3 miles in the morning 5 -6 days a week is not half bad.

 Eating better. Hmmm, this is easy and tough. I like healthy food, and my diet was already made up of it, but killing the sweet tooth cravings, well , that has been rough. I , slipped up as I mentioned here and there, but as the week wore on I made smarter choices, and when I did indulge , I limited myself to a very small portion. I also found myself WANTING to make better choices, and enjoying them. Fresh fruit, creamy yogurt, baby carrots with just a bit of sour cream/ dill dip....and although I have yet to start to count calories...well I did cut back on portions. I am still having a glass of wine most nights, but make my hubby measure out my 5 oz. It is not as much as I was having ( about 2-3 ounces less) but it is at least still having some.

So, was it worth it ? Did it do something , did the scales start going the other way??? YES! Not by much, but a little. I am not as bloated either, and well I have more energy as the sugar leaves my system....oh the supplements might be helping too. But I tell you the first couple days all I wanted to do was sleep all day...AND I DID, well sort of, I rested, with my eyes closed. Talk about a sugar crash!  Anyway, I lost some water weight right off the bat, and then well it came back. So the scale officially says 130 lbs. So two pounds off , though at one point it said three , the only one, but today, official weigh in day 130. That is two pounds off , and hopefully it stays off.

Now, confession time, it was during part of this the time of the month that Mother Nature makes her call to my house, so well I am thinking that I actually only lost one pound. But I am happy with that. It is progress, and it is changing how I feel and how I look, if only by the smallest of measures. OH measurements...well those have come down a bit as well...but again loosing the bloat and the water weight, they are bound to. So will not share them just yet.

So , changes/goals for this next week...more of the same. BUT I also plan to start recording every bite I eat. I have a cute note book, and my favorite pen at the ready and starting tomorrow morning, I shall start recording. I also want to start crunches and light weights along with my is hard for me to get on and off the floor, so for a giggle imagine me on all fours crawling to the couch to get back up...but I will do it!

 So what progress, or changes of any kind have you made in your life this past week? OR have you? Do you want to start? Let me know, leave me a comment. Do you have maybe not physical or mental changes, but decor changes? Fashion changes, changes to anything in your life that you have been putting off? I challenge you to tip the scales and put the effort to the side that gets you going!

 OH...Thanks so much for all your friendship and comments you have been leaving, they are so appreciated! YOU are appreciated! Tomorrow....a snap shot ( or two or three or more, of my day out with my two youngest daughters for a day out at the mall....hint...there will be clothing and make up and a yummy bite to eat!)


  1. Every journey starts with a single step and you just keep going... you will see a difference and we'll all be cheering... come visit when you can...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  2. GOOD for you!! I'm impressed, S! And a yummy bite to eat won't hurt a thing!! Love ya!!!!!

  3. Great post Ruby!! I fell off the wagon before I even got on it!! :( I'm thinking that my 8 mini donuts for dinner aren't helping either!! I'm home alone, Gary took the kids to Disneyland and won't be back until later on this evening. Anyhow, keep up the good work!!!!


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