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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A girly day out....

Often , when I start concentrating on my weight, exercise, etc my mind changes from thoughts of interior decor to clothing, my over all appearance and all things girly. That is the case right now, not just cause I am making changes , cutting my hair, back to walking more, eating better , drinking more water. But because I am to the point in our apartment where I have nothing left but big ticket items to buy, and those require saving for , and well I want some instant gratification. That is what Monday was about.

A rare occasion where my two youngest daughters had the day off, and we all had a bit of spending money, and we all had a bit of free time came to be, the perfect time to go out together and do the things girls like to do...well most for all things girly. So off we went to have our day out!

First we headed to ULTA cosmetics . They carry the cosmetics that I love, Benefit. Many places do, Macy's, Sephora, but ULTA has a card you swipe and you end points to later redeem for freebies and discounts...that appeals to me. OH and this week they were offering a gift package when you bought 25.00 of Benefit cosmetics, and the gift pack was worth 25.00. So I bought my face brightening primer called "That Gal" that I love for 28.00, and got my gift pack!  Not a bad deal, and I earned more points!!! The mini perfume in the picture came from Macy's another Benefit cosmetic counter.
  So after we made our purchases there, we headed off to the Galleria. We always park at Macy's, even have our favorite area of the parking lot. We stopped to take a picture of my beautiful daughters.......
 Then headed inside...I will share the fashions we saw in tomorrows post..something to look forward to ! I KNOW I am bad ! LOL

 We were flagged down by a sales girl, Veronica,  at the Benefit counter there, and she asked if we would like to have a perfume sample ( mini version *see in first pic) , the girls declined, but I am not one to say no to freebies! OH and I signed up for a free event on August 12, free gift bag if you buy the premier product that day, music, food, drawings, make overs....sounds like fun right?? So am "saving my pennies" for that! The sales lady was a fellow blogger, and so we exchanged blog info and we moved on.

At Macy's there is more than one Benefit counter, and well we got stopped again, this time we got to wear the perfume on a ribbon....
OH! and the sales lady offered me a FREE freshen up to my make OF COURSE I took her up on it! I am hooked and really want to save up for all the products as I can afford it, but my fav was "Some Kind of Gorgeous " melt proof make up. This is not the best pic, but normally if I showed this kind of close up you would see large pores, uneven skin tone and redness.....I think I look pretty good, and all day I was taking sneak peeks at myself!   My sun glass tan line still shows, but it would take a lot to hide my very brown nose! Just wish I had brushed my hair as my bangs are all wonky in this shot.
After getting spruced up , it was off to have a bite to eat ....we decided on Mongolian BBQ ....I think it should be called stir fry, but you will see why! It is the neatest thing. You pick your meat, your vegies, noodle type, sauces, oils....and then they stir fry on a big flat cook top.....    


Then you get to eat! There was so much food with the combo that we split it three ways, so at just over 12.00 for everything including a large ice tea and two sides it was really only 4.00 each! It was pretty healthy, it was fresh and it was filling!

After we finished eating we went window shopping to all our favorites...stopping to take pictures along the way ( have to wait till tomorrow for those!). We went to Victoria's Secret as I needed a new bra....
NO! I did not take a 1/2 nude shot of myself, but this was a great way to show what I was wearing for the day! *GRIN* Then , it was off to Charlotte Russe, and Forever daughters found goodies they loved there, as did I ....nearly bought this bag....

but instead came home with this AMAZING necklace!!!  
After, we stopped at See's candy for the free sample piece they give FREE, and to buy one special treat of course. Then headed back to Macy's to head back home, but had to stop by the shoes and OH my , the drooling and swooning that took place! I do love a wonderful pair of heels, but alas , I needed a bra and make maybe next time. I could not however pass up trying this pair on.....

Yummy are they not??? I do not have this shade of red in my closet...might just be a scope out for sales time! I do not get to get dressed up much and do not wear heels very often any longer, but I do love collecting shoes , handbags and accessories to my my LBD's ( little black dresses) really pop! 
So that was our girly day out....Now I know, I know I said tomorrow for the fashion pics, the little hints of Fall that are in the stores now, during what those in the know call the transition months , but here is a ....




  1. 1. I was so excited to see you wrote about your day with your girls!!! I was really wanting to know what y'all did :)
    2. I love finding new makeup that works even better than what I'd been doing!!!
    3. We have a restaurant like that called's yummy!
    4. That's a killer necklace!!! Can't wait to see you wear it!
    5. Red patent shoes...can't go wrong!!!
    6. The sneak peak of the ruffle heals made me laugh because the maniquen (sp?) has a toe sticking out! haha :)

    Can't wait for tomorrow! :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me! I have really bad self restraint so I probably would have ended up going home with the shoes!

  3. Kendra..I just noticed that, great eye!!

    Mary...If had 60.00 plus tax....I had already splurged a months worth of savings from my "fun" box aka cookie jar.

  4. That really souded like a wonderful day, Steph!! You and your girls are beautiful!! As a little girl, I always wanted red sandals and don't remember ever getting them....waaaaaaa!! <3

  5. My God, woman: what a day! I have a shopping hangover just from reading about it! Sounds like you did it up right.

  6. Hi, looks like you girls had a great time.
    Lovely shoes you tried on, maybe you should buy them just in case you get that shade of color some time in the future.

    Thanks for leaving a thought on my last post, I have to agree with you on the fish nets and seams, super sexy, specially with a high heel and a shortish dress.

    It is always great to get an honest and realistic opinion. Thanks again, hope your day goes well.


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