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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scenes from the mall.....

 Fashion. I adore fashion. Home "fashion", of course you already know I love, but I have also had a love affair with beautiful clothing for as long as I can remember, from dressing my Barbies, to when I as a teen had my first real job at a dress shop and I was in charge of window and wall displays. I have tried and experimented with all styles of fashion, have had no fear of age, or what people thought was correct for me to wear or what was in or out of style....I just love Fashion.      

One of my favorite times of year is also my favorite times for fashion. Fall, Autumn...when the weather starts to cool, the leaves start to change, and the mid drifts to cozy sweaters, and apple cider and jack o lanterns. In the fashion world, they think a season or two ahead and well the new fashion starts to arrive several months before we even want to go near a sweater or think about hot drinks! It is no different in California than anywhere , in any mall. Mid to late July and the windows in the mall start changing. Like leaves on the trees in Fall , we start to notice the deep russet reds, burnished oranges, shades of brown, a bit of green still thrown in and all the lovely pastels of Spring and bright candy colors of Summer deepen as well to jewel tones. The day I was at the mall I noticed this starting to happen in the stores, furniture and clothing stores alike. But, it is still a bit early in the fashion season for a full fledged onslaught of Fall just yet...we are in what is known as the Transition season.

There is always this in between time that lines are blurred between the fashion seasons. "They" know that there is still hot weather for a month or two , and they cater to it with layers, lighter versions, both in color and weight of what we will see when the Fall fashions fully hit, and it can be a lovely time . Most pieces can then transition to the cooler months, before we start to need to bundle up a bit more and the Winter fashions hit...which actually begins before Fall even really get's into full swing. It is a tricky thing to learn to follow so that you stay current if that is your desire.

 Now, another thing you will notice if you are into both fashion and interior design, the colors you see in one , you will see in the other. So if you have been noticing neutrals, such as beige and gray...and all shades in between in home decor, you can be sure you will see it in clothing too. This is pretty much another great reason to look at your closet if you are trying to pick a color scheme for your living space and are stuck as far as what to go with....I personally break this rule, as I LOVE teal blue, browns, reds and yellows in my decor, but my closet is made up of mostly black and white, BUT I do bring all those colors in through my I guess actually it is partially true that I decorate from my closet. But rabbit trails.... I am not here to really discuss fashion and decor with you....I promised to share what I saw in the windows and stores in my mall here enjoy....see if you notice the trends in color, the transition pieces and what the style for right now and the next couple months will be....


  Neutrals, ruffles and embellishments.....
  Casual lady like with an edge and a pop of color....
Edgy and youthful.....

Full on lady FAVORITE!!!See this center outfit ??? I got it!! the skirt is a mini dark gray and black hounds tooth print, and the top an iridescent lavender!!
I think I need the center skit of this trio!

  Ruffles , roses and romance....

THIS was just a sampling of what I had time to take photos of! Tomorrow, more windows showing a trend I just love to see coming back...I gave a hint in part of this post!


  1. I love the lady-like too! :) I need to wear more skirts...

  2. What a nice window shopping trip, Steph! I hate clothes shopping, but saw some gorgeous things!! <3

  3. oh stop! I want to go shopping now! : ) Happy weekend!!!



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