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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Mad , Mad World! And I LOVE it!


Everyone seems to be MAD for Mad Men. I have yet to see the series, I know all about the fashions though. I have seen them in magazines, on TV style shows and this past week, it was also very evident the influence it had on upcoming fashions that are coming in for the Fall/Winter . I love it as it is all very vintage and lady like, and that appeals to me. I was inspired to write this post as the last one in the series of three that came from my recent day out with my daughters to the local mall, from these wonderful window displays and their take on the looks inspired from the series......

I have always loved fashion from the era's of the 20's through early 60's. Most of my teen and adult life I have dressed in version of or a nod to these eras.  In  high school I was in love with 1940's through mid 1960's, shopping at vintage shops and putting my own spin on what I found to fit the times. For my wedding I dressed ala 1920's , drop waist dress and all. In the bulk of my 30's I dressed in Rockabilly, vintage and reproductions of vintage clothing. In my 40's I still add touches of that, but it has been hard to find new clothing, in my budget that was also age appropriate and still have the feel and the look that I have always adored. Imagine my thrill at flipping through pages of magazines and seeing images such as these.....Images that span all the lady like, classic fashions ranging all the way to the 1970's, but the best part of them.

Then you surf online and there is more images that nod at these era's , and the feel of classy , lady like clothing in which to emulate and build a wardrobe on , items that really never went truly out of style , but was rarely seen for the masses, but now are at every price point from high to affordable and all are very achievable at all levels of budget as it is an uncomplicated look.

  The first dress is Carolina Herrera , the second Forever 21...big difference in price, but giving us budget minded girls the ability to capture the feel and look of the 50's/60's , especially with the right accessories like pearls and classic pumps and an "envelope" clutch such as a mimic of the Coco Channel one pictured in the first group of pics.
 I adore a great pencil skirt or A line (when the weather is warmer ), and there are so many out there ! Add a cute basic white , button front blouse, or sweater set and again basic that have that vintage feel and you will look amazing!  
These have all been high end images, but the stores like Target , Forever 21, Charlotte Russe , H&M, JC Pennies ( as I showed you in yesterdays post with the out fit that I bought, with the lavender top) even Sears and Kmart are all beginning to get similar fashions into their stores and I know as the season progresses it will not be hard to find the items to copy the high end looks on a much smaller budget.

JC Pennies always has a great selection and great sales, that is how I afford things that look high end on a low end budget ...and my go to for jewelry with a vintage feel? TARGET! Yep! They have an amazing selection ! Then of course Payless shoes and the BOGO sales always is a great place to find that classic pair of pumps and a clutch bag, as is once again Target. It just takes shopping around, watching those sales and going with a look in mind and working hard to re-create it to fit your budget and also fit your individual style.

So if you love the lady like style as well, I urge you to go for it, because right now and the upcoming Fall/Winter season is the perfect time to start building that look!

* images gathered from Michael Kors, LeVian, Van Noten, Anne Klein, Proenza Schouler


  1. Yes and yes! I write about many different types of fashions and styles on my blog but if I was to describe my own style, we are similar! I love-love the Audrey Hepburn, Jackie-O type of styles with their slimming and lady-effect silhouettes.

    I love your choices of the orange/tangerine dresses and light turquoise earrings. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    Following you now through Google Connect and I hope you can visit my blog sometime at

    - Shelli :)

  2. I absolutely adore the fashion from the Mad Men time period. I would wear pencil capris, high heels, and cropped jackets for the rest of my life, with a few pencil skirts thrown in! LOVE!

  3. Loved it all...beautiful clothing!! BTW, John Hamm is from St. Louis. Just thought I'd throw that in, FYI!

  4. Wow, I don't know how I missed both of these great fashion posts in the last week! They're great! Very inspiring. (And I, too, am a lover of both Mad Men and pencil skirts!)


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