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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Lady is back....

 I saw this in the current In Style magazine and just thought it was PERFECT for wrapping up this weeks chosen topic of fashion and shopping and all things girly & lady like.These are the pricey, dream wardrobe items in this article; BUT, I am going to share today's little venture over to show how you can achieve the look for less. But first, let's chat about what comes to mind, besides the TV show Mad Men when we think lady like .

In my mind , at least, it conjurers as I have mentioned before images of times past. When ladies were very feminine. It was all about showing just enough, but not too much. Movie stars and pin up girls .
(Lucy is my fav...even over Audrey! Does the necklace in this pic , not remind you of the one I just bought at Forever21 earlier this week???)
Even my favorite cosmetics utilize and reinforce this image to say girly, lady and sexy! I am loving that I am seeing it pop up in magazines as well, such as in this spread ( I believe it was in my Vogue )
  Oh and look at this outfit , in the back of my All Of You....I think I must have a thing for orange at the moment, although we have been talking Fall, Summer is far from over and this would be a great outfit...and I KNOW I can copy it on a shoe string budget, and well it screams lady like!

So as you can see it is popping up everywhere and as I have said over and over this past week, I could not be happier!! So on to Target and all the items that are trickling in that really fit this theme . Let's start with jewelry. My Target was a bit under stocked, they are going through a MAJOR remodel ( for which I am very excited about!!) , but I was able to snap a few shots of items that fit the theme, most were 10.00 and under in these pics, and if on clearance so inexpensive you could really get a great start to your new or existing look.

I am really hoping some of these are still there after I finish paying bills and our groceries this next week! Even though in reality I very much need new walking clothing for Fall...I can not resist a shiny bauble or two each season. And they would so spruce up these two classic style dresses....I have a LBD ( or two, or three) but the deep purple one...maybe paired with this season's color popping up gray...yes, add it to my list!
  Or perhaps you like these pencil skirts and blouses....

Of course you have to have shoes...and imagine my delight when I saw these , identical to ones myself and daughter Rebecca tried on in Macy's when we were out and about, and for half the cost!!! OH and they come in brown as well!!!
Or maybe one of these lovely pairs....

Then of course you need a sweater.....cable knit or ruffled?? Bright, or muted?

Of course you will need a hand bag....a touch of the wild side, classic in black, or a bit larger in an assortment of colors.....

   Then there are the final touches....Sunglasses anyone...

( The last pair are mine...I just love the Jackie O feel to them!)

Then of course to top it all off, classic red lips and painted finger and toe nails.....

 OH! But wait have to have the classic under garments.....I nearly forgot ! And how could I? Creating that inner lady/pin up in you has to start with a wonderful base of lacy pretties and thigh high stockings....

And at the end of the day, when you strip it all away and want to just snuggle in with that glass of Champagne, your cat or dog sleeping peacefully beside you and that DVR'd Project Runway , nothing speaks girly, lady like and inner pin up like the proper PJ' these not just remind you of a Doris Day movie??? ( This set has the cami, the capri length bottoms and shorty robe...and in one of this seasons hottest colors...gray...also was in dark purple and a rust with cream as well as a peach with cream combo)
  So there you have it ....creating that lady look, on a shoe string budget...even just one of the accessories added to what you have can create the mood, look and feel and not break the bank!


  1. RUBY!!! I need you to take me shopping - I think I'm in a rut and in major need of some "lady" make-over happening! I love your style, lady!!!! Loved visiting Target with you - such fun! (And Lucy IS my vision of the top lady of all! So classy, and funny, too! Takes someone special to pull both of those things off, don't you think?)

  2. ooh I will have to check out target for those shoes! Just loved the ones in macys.


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