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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Reality of it all .....

 Note click the stop button on my play list to watch the video below so the music from one does not disturb the narrative on the other ...Thanks ! ENJOY!

Hello my name is Ruby and I am a reality TV addict ! I do not watch the real trashy ones, well at least not anymore LOL Yes, I once watched Real World on MTV, when it was intelligent, when the people on it did not realize that they were soon to become sudo stars.

I never miss Survivor, my husbands favorite is The Amazing Race.We both watch The Bachelor and it's counterpart, the Bachelorette. We get very invested and hate when they break up. I am sure we will even tune into the new one that is all the former "contestants" on the latter two shows that are all put into one house. 

There even two new ones that we watch that we really should not admit that we do watch and that are on ABC. One would be True Beauty, where they put beautiful people in an apartment and they all think they are competing for a chance to be the beautiful face representation for some bogus contest when in reality they are being tested on their inner beauty. And when that one goes off the air there is one called Dating in the Dark! This one has people go on dates in a dark room so they can get to know the person without making judgments on looks. Both these I know we should not admit to watching and getting caught up in But they are oddly fascinating.

Of course I watch all the ones about fashion, models, cooking and dancing. I am not ashamed to admit those. I have many friends that never miss an episode.

But one that I watch that many people can not stand is Big Brother. I wait every year for it, watch it all three times it is on during the week and record it if it competes with other shows.I always await to see how the Big Brother house is going to be decorated. It is always over the top, but it is always fun and offers a lot of decor inspiration! 

This year is no different. When I saw the house, it was in my favorite colors, and I spotted items from all my favorite shops. I spotted Zgallerie, Urban Outfitters, West Elm, Crate and Barrel, CB2, Pier One and Cost Plus! The items are current and you can go to the local store near you and buy them today if they fit into your budget. I know many of the items are on my wish list for my space.

I gain inspiration from many of the reality shows that I watch, at least the ones with places to live for the contestants. I often see IKEA used a lot and all the ones listed above and I just adore seeing how they are tweaked to get a new look or used as is, but in a creative way. The set designers do not hold back and think way outside the box. 

So seeing this years I was as always , pleased that it was the same...way outside the box! But with so many things that could be toned down and used in my own space. So I wanted to share, just in case you do not watch the show. Here is a tour of the Big Brother 12 house. See if you can spot your favorite accessories from your favorite stores, and maybe gain some inspiration along the way. 


  1. Saw your comment at Addicted to Decorating and jumped over. I am totally a reality tv junkie too! I'm intrigued with True Beauty and Dating in the Dark too, so don't be ashamed! I wish more couples would stay together from Bachelor/ette! :)

    I have NEVER seen Big Brother though?!? And after watching your video, I want to see it so badly. I'm off to find out if they have episodes online!


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