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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lazy days of Summer....

Been a slow week. The temperature is rising , and my husbands day's off , well he has had to work, so have yet to have a weekly outing....seems too hot to do so. I am feeling drained and tired , a bit more than usual and just want to veg and not work on anything...not even in the mood to play on Face Book. I have loads of ideas and information to share here, but it sits in a pile and in a file on my computer and just does not call to me today.

I longingly look at my sweaters and pray for the cool breezes of Autumn to know that perfect time the trees are starting to change and the leaves are falling, and just before all the really cold , tiresome wet weather comes. To me , besides Spring is the perfect time of year! Seems so far away! YET, it is coming into the stores, both decor and clothing soon I will have lovely photos to share of all the new innovatory and inspirations to share.

I was trying to think of some budget friendly and heat friendly activities, mine are quite simple . I like to walk down to the local market that has a soda fountain and I get a cup of ice. Now most places will still charge you, but not here , if you buy something to go with it ...not hard, I always need something at the grocery store. I then go over to the coffee bar area and they have a free pitcher of cold water with lemon and I fill my cup. I then go out and find a shady spot, that even when it is 100 degrees feels comfortable enough and I crunch on ice ( yes I know bad for your teeth) and people watch. Talk about budget friendly. OH and VERY amusing as well. You can make up stories about the people that you see, play fashion police, thank your lucky stars "that" child is not yours, and smile at the elderly that still hold hands. I listen to the music that is piped out to the seating area from the local massage place, very zen and relaxing.

 I walk down to the store nearly every day of the week, mainly when it is too hot to walk much further. I would go to the pool in our complex, but it seems that 100 plus degrees do not keep the complexes sun worshipers and children from coming out. I have yet to figure out how they last as many hours as they do out there and not turn into red blistered pop-cycles ( ya know melt ???).

I know, I know does not sound like the most exciting thing to do with your day. But what do you do when your budget is tiny and the heat index starts to rise? It is hard to get going quick enough in the morning for me to get a walk in , I once thought the gym here at the complex would be a great way to get exercise in, but I have realized I am not a gym rat like I once was. Exercise DVDs...well when I was younger, now I just can not seem to get excited by any of them and Richard Simmons, well love him, but they are all too long, and my attention span is not. I guess that is why I like people watching at the grocery store cafe area ...the scenery is always changing !!

I must sound very lazy. I am not.Although I really enjoy being so, and I am quite good at it, for awhile. I clean the apartment daily, it really does not take long. I usually will take a nice long walk when the heat is not as high as it is now....or if I can get out early enough ...again we discussed this, hard for me to do . So what is a gal to do with her lazy days of Summer to occupy her time....I am so totally into suggestions....remember my budget, it does not exist. I guess that is why I do not have too many hobbies. They cost money.

So what do you do to keep busy on these lazy days of Summer???? Or do you just give into them , sip lemon aide or ice tea and watch the world go by?


  1. Lazy days of summer...hmmm...pretty sure we just stay inside and sleep! haha

    Actually, now that cabin fever likes to get to me, I tend to convince Steven to head out to the mall and just walk around for a little bit. Or we'll go to our friend's pool at her apartments and he'll act like a big kid while Marlee and I watch and soak in the heat!

  2. The heat keeps me inside almost all day :(
    I gotta get out and walk...just enough to not feel bad :)

  3. It sounds lovely to me, Steph...wish I were there to enjoy it with you!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Hollywood forever, Kevin. The fog has retreated to the sea and now the days are hot here in Hollywood. I can relate so don't feel guilty, we are all slower now.


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