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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Sorry there was no post yesterday. It was my husband Robert's birthday and he had a day off that he actually took off. It was a pretty good day. We went for a morning was in the 70's but felt hotter ! Why is that? When we had cold weather and it got warmer, walking in 70 plus degree weather was heaven ...oh well.

We choose to walk to a local diner, called Mel's , they are apparently all over the world. The theme has not changed since they opened , and is 1950's all the way from decor to music. The food is decent and the prices affordable. We both got the special , steak and eggs, sourdough toast, and for me coffee. YUM....was so worth the walk down there, and I was proud of me, I gave half my steak to the hubby and left half the potatoes, so saved room for the second piece of toast and still felt as if I was doing ok ( especially since I knew I would eat only yogurt for lunch) .   Wish I had a photo...seems people that remember to take a pic and load it up on the web copy right it...seriously, a basic pic of steak and eggs and you feel the need?? Anyway, trust me it was yummy. Looked it too. Simple and good. I have read reviews of other Mel's , not so good, but if the chain has been around since the 40's they must be doing something right. But this was definitely a simple pleasure.

My husband and I love simple things. Oh do not get me wrong we like the Hoity Toity (sp?) side of life too, but we are simple people and simple things are ok with us. Good thing too since we are so broke most of the time! The other day we decided we wanted to have a picnic , we did not have much to have one with, and well did not really want to drive to a park, so the next best thing was our little porch, the mini bbq the girls bought him for Father's Day and we were all set....
It was perfect! There was no one on the tot play area, and most tenants were inside or at the pool. Then we took an evening stroll to Baskin Robbins....Tuesdays are 1.00 scoops, and you can even get a sugar cone!!
( wish pic was better...looks like he had his thumb in the way LOL But I forgive him , hot day, melting ice cream, ( he had one in his hand too) you get the picture.....well of course you can see the picture.

You already know of my other simple pleasure....I am addicted.
Crushed is best, did you know Sonic will sell their bagged ice for 1.79 a bag?? I pay that for a cup if I am out for a walk, but to me it is perfect, I munch on half, the rest melts and I have ice water to sip on the way home.

But back to yesterday....I know I go off on rabbit trails. Sorry about that. After our walk for breakfast , we headed to the park before it got too was empty, and well being big kids at heart , we took the opportunity to play a bit, and hubby snapped some pics......
It was a good time, wish we could have stayed longer, but the heat index was climbing! So off to home we went . We lazed around some, and then off to the market where our daughter Angel works at......

...Nugget Market, and it was wine tasting Friday! Three dollars, and you get at least 6 tastings of wine, free cheese and crackers and great conversation with other like minds.
We really enjoyed ourselves, and I think I shall start going again on a regular basis and see if I can not make some friends. One lady, Kate, says she goes every week, and early, so maybe we can sit together again. 
Then it was off to dinner, at Olive Garden....Angel and Rebecca's treat , we had a wonderful time there, and good food, and of course there was dessert! These donut like things are our favorites, and the chocolate sauce to die for...again simple , but very good, and all a pleasure...... And Robert seemed to enjoy them as his birthday treat...
Once home, it was time for another simple pleasure....NOOOO not that...would not be sharing LOL ....we watched our fav Sci Fi shows that we had recorded and kicked off our shoes and just relaxed....a day well spent on simple things that bring pleasure to our daily I am off to another.....toast , tea and some HGTV ......


  1. Sounds like a great time for not a lot of money!! ;)

  2. Could you send over some of that ice cream?? Looks delish!! Thank you so much for visiting!!


  3. Hi Ruby,
    I came across your blog and I love it! I'm your newest follower. I work along side Bobbi at Not Too Shabby in Historic Folsom and I really enjoyed your post about our little town! Come by and check out my blog at would love for you to come follow me and check out my facebook page too! We would love to have you at the shop again! :0)


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