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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Check in day!

 Hi Ruby here, thanks for all the wonderful comments and well wishes and love/friendship shown for yesterday's was my love letter to my hubby gone public, cause of a major billing error we could not afford to buy cards for each other , but I wanted to mark the occasion with something special and well there was a lot more that I wanted and could have said in that blog post, but I wanted to keep it short since the last few blogs and the ones up coming will be long ones. But again THANKS for reading and commenting. On to the check in .

My oh my what an adventure I /we had yesterday! But you will have to wait till tomorrow to hear about that. Today is check in on the adventures of me trying to loose weight ! Two weeks in and well , not great news. My weight has gone up and down and I am right back at the starting weight. 132. Now given I think this is water weight.

I as you know have fibromyalgia . One of the side effects of this syndrome is water retention. You can pull it up on the web, there are videos on  You Tube matter how much water someone with fibromyagia drinks, we always have marks left on us by socks, or bracelets, bras, shoes....whatever...everything binds and is pushing in and leaving marks because we are so puffy. So not only does our metabolism slow further down than a normal person , even for the middle aged years, and being a woman and hitting peri-menopause, but we have this to contend with.

Not being one to give up all wine ( sulfates = bloat) , adoring french fries from time to time and a thinking all food tastes a bit better with a dash of salt, the scale goes up and down , as does my belly size ( so measurements never stay the same) with what I eat and drink.

I will not mention what fibro does to my GI system so also causing massive water retention...not to mention again a big belly, and well massive discomfort and YES the scale to go up and down depending on the day, or even time of day.

There is good news though, and a bright side. I am not hurting as much. Sugar aggravates fibro, so though I have not cut it out 100% , I have cut back  quite a bit ( um except yesterday....hey special occasion!) . I also have added in my vitamin D , and upped it, something we with fibro have to do , and it not only helps with mood and sleep patterns, but it also helps with pain and so cuts it by at least half and helps control flair...BUT it causes issues with my GI so , yep you got it , more water retention.

So , where does this leave me with my goals?? Well, walking at least 5 days a week  MET...going into three weeks now. Cutting back on sugar...MET...adding supplements back in MET, upping water and fiber MET! So I think I have been very successful, even if the scale has not come down.

I also met my goal of recording food I ate , well most days. I discovered I may not be taking in enough calories, and the odd thing is , the week I was just cutting back , I lost weight, the week I started recording my food intake I gained. I have a hard time now getting enough calories in , simply cause I am drinking so much water and getting so much fiber ( the recommended amount) that I am full. I just simply am not hungry, and I know I need to eat...the body is tricky, eat too much, gain, eat just right, loose or maintain, eat too little and do nothing or in my case, oddly gain.

Now I am seeing my body face looks less bloated in photos. My waist, if I am not bloated is nearly at goal, my hips , also when not bloated have dropped a half inch, my thighs as well have dropped a half inch, and my upper arms have too. So even though the scale has not come down, measurements have a bit, on the whole, when you do not count bloat days, and that is a victory.

Another victory, more mental and emotional than anything, I am feeling better...more positive. Now , part of that has to do with my husband getting a new job, so there is hope there that things will get better financially, our youngest daughter is getting ready to move out on her own, and though I hate to see it happen, the fact that it is not from us needing to down size and move again makes me happy, and here is a BIGGY! I allowed myself to buy a bigger size the other day, simply because it hung better...AND it was still a size six!!! So that was a HUGE victory for me!!

So that is that as far as the check in ....maybe not the most exciting of posts, and you might have noticed, not a single photo!OK my avatar, but I do not count that, she is not a photo...just my alter ego LOL... TRUST me there will be tons as I share our adventures from Monday...another small historical town , an old mine , and even a hidden biblical garden !! But for now ....have a wonderful day , and get out there and move and enjoy life !

*post script...please check out my daughters newest blog ..." A day in the life " in the near future we will be tag teaming some posts to give two different perspectives on the same subject or adventures!


  1. Inches are what really count...cause you could be gaining muscle! :)

  2. Kendra's right! However that number means a lot, at least to me!

    Steph, right with you on the water retention! Drinking a lot of water is supposed to actually become a natural diuretic, but with Fibro it seems to bloat you more. Sad, but true!

    I'm the only person I know that can go outside, in the heat, work myself silly, sweat...yes SWEAT, come back in and have gained weight...ughhhh!

    Hang in there, S!!! <3

  3. Just like the first step is the beginning of a journey, so is an inch the beginning of many more... you're making progress and that's what's important... come visit when you can

    Twitter: SolarChief

  4. Hello!

    Please stop by my blog! I have a special award for you. :)

    Shelli @


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