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Friday, August 20, 2010


I am always looking for things to inspire me. Inspiration in my life, as I have from time to time discussed, comes from all over. ANYTHING can inspire me. Since recently I have been wanting to better myself, or find myself again ( gosh how many times have we read or heard someone say the "find myself" phrase?) . I have been working out, changing my diet, expanding my horizons from what I read, what I watch on tv, even where we go on our day out adventures. I cut all my hair off , though that was a bit of an accident...was not to go as short as I did. I colored my hair after not doing so in about two years. So, it is not surprising that my focus on finding something to inspire me in continuing the bettering of me has been so strong.

I go through phases. I get obsessed with fitness,baking( that is coming this Fall/Winter) or decoration of my space, and right now it is as it always is when the cooler temperatures start arriving new Fall fashion, for both myself and home decor. But tied into this is a need to find inspiration to make life more interesting, more refined, even more pleasurable. After all, this blog is supposedly about my musings on all things pleasurable about life.

The other day, on one of my normal haunts around a local shopping center , The Fountains, and poking into one of my dream stores, I found just the thing!  This book:
  Now, I have ALWAYS been a bit of a Francophile. I have done my decor from time to time based on both the kitch of Paris, and the more refined ( when I could afford it) . I have tried to learn to speak French, yeah that did not go so well. I went through a time when EVERY Saturday we watched French films while drinking French wine, while eating French cheese....yeah, obsessed. We even stay in The Paris when we go to Vegas...I can not tell you how much I LOVE that place.  I even own many, many music CD's of French music. I adore Edith Piaf So when I saw this book, I decided "WHY NOT" , could be fun.

Now I have done "How to find your inner Bombshell" and books about finding your inner fashion diva, and soon I want to do this one book I saw about finding your inner can always brush up on manners.OH I loved one that was based on Audrey Hepburn on "How to be Lovely". I have done a book on how to find inner happiness....and the list goes on. So this seemed like a neat idea, an easy read for those times when I am sitting out at the local cafe with no one to talk to ( ghads I need to meet a gal pal here!!) and well of course it gives me blog fodder.

Each Friday, maybe a bit more often , depending on my mood, I will blog about what I did , based on the book to find my "Inner French Girl". HMMMM...Sounds like that blog about Julie Child. But hey , why not?? I have yet to start the book yet, but I have started looking for what inspires me or reminds me of what my idea of a French girl/ or woman is ...from scent to food, to clothing....even decor. I am following some blogs, may even start cooking some of Julia's recipes myself. I have some books picked out to read as a compliment to the this one:
And since I adored reading "A Year In Provence" by Peter Mayle ...on Amazon, he has a whole lot of other books to choose from, even a mystery book, and I do love mysteries!! So there is a lot out there that can feed into this inspiration. And I am excited to get started !! You could even call it sort of a hobby in a way I guess and being that I am a work widow and an empty nester and know not a single person in this town, I NEED hobbies!

When I was at Anthropologie the other day taking pictures of the few items I could bring into my home, I had a bit of fun day dreaming what I would wear, what I would bring home with me if given the chance to tweak my decor and add that touch that to me speaks of I thought I would share some of the goodies I saw....YES they are all mostly out of my budget and well the budget of many readers, but it never hurts to dream...and plus I have been known to find awesome sales there and then find things that look like what I am dreaming of in other places....Just the other day I found those black patent crocodile pumps I saw at Macys, at ROSS! 8.99!!! 41.00 off the Macy's price, and yeah there was a tiny flaw on the heel, BUT a little black marker and all gone! So it is achievable, and nothing is more pleasurable than creating the look for less. So sit back and enjoy the eye candy!
I adore the head bands and hope to buy at least one very soon, even my profile photo on FB is of me with one of them on. A two for one, the necklaces, AND that Mercury glass that I do adore! How about clothing.....

I could not help but try on a couple hats that I would be happy to wear with a cute stripped T and cardi and a pear of jeans on my walks... This is before I really cut and colored my hair....and excuse the lack of smiling, as it is hard to take a pic of yourself and not have a camera in your face. Here is just a few small things I would bring in for the home....
Can not cook without a great apron!  Then of course you have to have a new mug to sip coffee out of ....

Another research book....would look lovely on my kitchen shelf!
So there you have it, the start of  it all....let the inspiration flow, and see where it takes YOU!


  1. I like the Friday "Inner French Girl" idea....sounds like it could be fun!!! Go for it.

  2. Love this idea ! Really cute outfits!I always wondered about french diets !

  3. C'est tout beau, Ruby. Merci !
    I am french, by the way. I appreciate this blog :-)

  4. Heidi...wish you had a profile to respond to , you do not so will do so here. I have as well and even have read French Women do not get Fat...and have the recipe for leek soup..I plan to try it.

  5. Ruby - I just love shopping with you! I really really do! That first hat on you is to DIE for! And I'm loving the books! BTW - you are a total French Girl in my eyes! :)

  6. Ruby, I, too am in constant pursuit of my Inner French Girl. She sometimes fights with my Inner Pin-Up, though..giggle...I have all of those books and dream someday of visiting Paris in person..swoon...perhaps we could meet there?! ;)

  7. I rarely leaved Anthro uninspired!

  8. You sound like me! I'm a Francophile as well :) I just bought Entre Nous myself. Can't wait to dig in.

    And thanks so much for stopping by my blog & introducing me to yours. It's lovely and I'm looking forward to following along.

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Hi Ruby - I am not much of a shopper, but I LOVED shopping through your eyes! Everything was so very cool!

  10. Hey, nice trip! Loved the hat on you!

  11. Oh that military jacket is so amazing! If only I had the money!


  12. Love me some Edith Piaf!!!! And France of course...

  13. Anthropologie is the DEVIL! That place is so wonderful....ugh....I can't even walk in anymore....I want everything. LOL


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