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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wanting just a touch of Glam...

It has been nearly a year since we have been in our apartment , and we are planning on staying at least another year. So , now having lived with the current decor for nearly a year and slowly upgrading, and fine tuning, I am getting bored with my surroundings. I am not used to decor staying the same for very long. I am itching for a change. I do not wish to paint, cause it would cost us 200.00 a wall when we move, and that is what I used to do when I wanted to make a change of some sort to my surroundings. So changing accessories is the way to go, plus we can not afford to change any of the big items.

Our youngest daughter is getting ready to move out and it would seem that her future room mates love blue and Asian decor as much as I do. So being the kind person that I am , I have told them as soon as I can afford to switch out things, I will donate the current art work if they still want it ...builds good Karma, to pass it on to others who might be living in a blank space. So as I have a taker , an eager one at that, I am hoping that I can nip a little here and there from the grocery fund to get started.

I always get excited and eager when it comes to changing my decor. It is a project, something to occupy my time.  The daughters all say I need 12 homes or a big warehouse to store things to rotate them in and out. I just get very bored with my surroundings, seeing them day in and day out ....I know there are people out there that just do not care. They can live with the same thing day in and day out. My husband is one of those people, as was his parents. But he is ok with me switching things out, he is used to it and well always likes to see what will be next. He has given the green light, and told me I can go as girly as I like too! He works 12-14 hour days and most times is up for an hour or two and then goes to bed, only to leave again in the morning, he sees little past the TV, the computer screen, and the back of his eye lids.

So what is the plan ? Well , this time around I think I want to do Old Hollywood Glam. With maybe just a touch of Modern, and a touch of Parisian flair ...and just a dash of traditional thrown in , cause I do love my rescued and painted pieces. Oh and let us not forget a bit of romance for good measure.

So what is first? Well I want new art. I have my daughters art, and that will go to my bedroom, but there is not a lot of wall space once everything is put in there. So all the Geisha drawings she has done for me will go in there. I do still love all my Asian items. I might dial some of the knick knacks back...need to keep it restful. I tend to buy a lot of those type things and then tire very quickly of all the clutter. Preferring clean surfaces, with just enough.

So I have picked out a couple prints from IKEA, not sure which one I will go with, or if I want both!
Both would mean going very Hollywood...less Parisian. I am ok with that...but I do love a touch of the OOLALA! I could see switching out my teal blue sheers with black sheers, creating that swanky, romantic , LBD moment for the windows. I would leave all my current white Zgallerie accessories in place, and just continue to build on what I have . My current home made sconces on the walls ( silver boxes with blue ceramic lotus flower tea light holders sitting in them with blue paper backings to the boxes) would get new backings of perhaps leopard print and use clear tea light holders or when I could afford it diamond shaped, crystal ones for the glam bling these IF I can grab them before they are no longer available as they are on sale
Then I would add to my white vase on my entertainment dresser where our TV sits ........

 A feather bunch like this, but with Pheasant feathers and Peacock feathers thrown in ....
Then on that wall, would love a bunch of empty frames in all sizes and shapes in gold and silver and maybe just one or two in black for visual interest. Would certainly be fun to hunt for. 

To replace the current light shade in the dining area I would love to have this ......
Talk about a statement piece! A bit modern , a bit glam....I mean I would love to replace my lighting all together, but we are rather stuck with the over head pendant light, it being an apartment, but as this uses the same style light kit I think it is doable. 

And for my shelves that are in the LR at the moment that need just a touch of sparkle and something special to fill them in...I adore the Mercury Glass Votive holders from Anthropologie. They come in several colors and shapes and I think a collection of them would be so pretty...

I already own the silver one. I have seen them in green, a goldish orange, and then of course the blue. They are not pricey and would be a fun treasure to collect. I also spotted these plates, and I think at least one big and one small are in order...they too are from Anthro....

 I just love how they are both a bit retro and a bit modern and it would feed into the adding in of more black and keep with my love of white. I also spotted these two plates if I wish to go a bit more towards the French spirit of things....
Though they are a bit too country, and not the right colors, I bet if I keep my eyes open I can find something similar that would work. The trick is to not become too themish, a trick I have yet to totally master. Also , not too kitch, and I am learning. Cause if you avoid both those two pit falls when you want to switch up your decor , change the look and feel with a small investment, and very little work, it makes it easier as you do not have to switch out as many things.

I can still keep my pillows, I can still keep my area rug, and my white Parson Style coffee tables, and my Tiger foot stools. I can keep all my white accessories and it will all still go together with the new theme with just a tweak here and there. When I buy big items now, that is what I keep in mind. What can I keep that will go with any style of decor. I always have an eclectic look, so a mix from all eras helps in my goal to not have to replace big pieces. It is not that I do not dream of a new couch or a new side chair, and one day I will have them. But for now just changing out a few key items will give a whole other look and feel and I can do it over time and with my small budget...always a great thing.

So what do you do to spruce up and change your space on a budget?? Or do you care? I would love to hear input about my choices, new ideas and tips....I promise I will read them all and respond.  Till then, I am off to tear out pages from magazines and paste them in my dream look book.


  1. you should print out both pictures and take them to kinkos. they can copy them and blow them up for very little cha ching. love Audrey, she's so hollywood!

  2. Hi
    I'm your new follower.
    I'm one who can live with the same old furniture day after day, year after year. BUT I find it interesting to watch blogs where there is a lot of change going on. And your is great.

    I like the peacock plates.
    wanna buy a duck

  3. I love to redecorate too. Your plans sound wonderful, can't wait to see what you do! I'm following you back. :-)

  4. I love your entertainment center! I'm your newest follower from Friday Follow 40 & Over. Hope you can stop by and follow too. :)

  5. I'd offer my comments, but I'm no Martha Stewart, and you may shudder at my opinions. There's that, and there's the fact that I can't get over you'd get charged $200 a wall for painting!

    (I too hate clutter...)

    Stopping from Java's hop,

  6. I love the prints! I've seen the Hepburn, but not the them both!

    Your hubby and mine must be related..LOL! Would be perfectly happy if you never changed a thing...right? Not going to happen....right again?

    Loved the dishes and the whole journey...thanks!

  7. That lamp and those peacock plates are amazing! The lamp is quite the statement.

    Have you ever shopped with Home Decorators online? They have some cool stuff that's pretty reasonably priced.

    French Goodies


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