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Monday, August 9, 2010

More scenes from the mall....

This past Saturday the local Galleria Mall had a Back to School Fashion show...and I took a TON of pics, BUT they just posted a one point I even saw myself in it...if I had been on the other side of the cat walk , would have been in it a lot...oh close to my five far!

There was a large crown there that day, people lined up for the VIP section ( seats and swag ) and then all along the upper levels, and of course all the surrounding floor space. People ranged from older ladies that have not worn such fashions in a very long time, to beauty queens in crowns, curious on lookers and future fashionistas and of course friends and relatives to the models with cameras ready.  I was early, so was able to get right next to the judges stand and the gentleman filming the show...OH ! He was such a looker...wish I could have gotten a shot of him ( later heard he was a model) .

I guarded my spot for an hour waiting...YES! Just for ya'all I stood for an hour to photograph this and they they put up a video! Oh well, anything for you my readers! The few models that mingled before the show passed out Vitamin Water and the swag bags ( I later got one of the left over bags and well they were not the best swag, I have had better!) and all the while the music pumping and more people gathered. Then it began....

 So here is the video...ENJOY!!

 Here are just a few of the photos I took that were my fav models....

He is a cutie, and looked right at me for the camera!

I was happy to see models of all sizes, shapes and even ages!
This guy really worked the crowd before throwing the purses and hats out!
Love this outfit!!!! And the store it came from Banana Republic...This model was one of the most beautiful there and I found myself loving and hating her at the same time! This next one, really was enjoying herself, dancing and working the crowd every time she hit the runway!

After the fashion show they had a mini , local Top Model Search, so of course I waited around for that...I did not take a bunch of photos, originally thinking you would be over loaded, but here are some highlights.... Not too many , I mean you do have things to do today besides sit here! And well most of the models were wearing the same outfits.  But once again, great to see diversity in the model search as well!
The one in the middle was the lucky winner, and got a years contract with the modeling agency and a great swag bag full of goodies. The cute gal on the left was runner up, and the one on the right came in third...personally I think the two little girls should have won...wish I had been able to get photos...they really worked the crowd...with Mom and Dad coaching from the side lines...I am thinking maybe some pageant experience was coming through in their runway walk.

After the show was over I stuck around for just a few snap shots of what NOT to wear ...EVER, over the age of say 25 ...... Now I would say that she must have been in her 60's, just a guess...and I am all for being fashionable, and even fashion forward , if you do it age appropriate, cause let's face it we are not Cher. We can not pull off outfits that are really meant for the younger set on an every day, or for some an ANY day basis.
Here she has taken off her white blazer..and I will give props, her choker that is beaded with jet black beads was beautiful and oh so chic. She was very willowy, and I am green with envy over that...but I could spot her from across the crowds before she was able to sit in the VIP area that there was some no-no's going on....bubble dress....leggings and if I remember, wedge or some kind of sandals. Ok now are you seeing what I am seeing, besides far too much skin for her age and it not being pool side?? YES! It is her bra...the entire back side strap and shoulder straps on display.....
Dear Lord! I know I have made some fashion blunders, and well yes my straps often slide out from under my tank if I am not careful, but full on back bra exposure???!!! Now here is the thing, she realized it. She tried to fix it even, asking her friend if it looked bad and was showing??!! Her friend, said no it is fine, so the women settled in for the model search.....after it was over I was able to get a couple final shots so maybe , hopefully none of us over 40 set that read this will even consider doing this.....
I will give her more props though for the hair and the specs... LOVE those...ALSO love the black and white combo...a classic!
I just hope if somehow she is reading, rather doubtful , but IF...she will only just fine tune her look, cause she could really be rather chic and reminds me of a Parisian woman out for a day of shopping....I also hope she forgives me, but I just could not help but take pictures and share.... I normally keep my judgmental Fashion Police commentary between me and my not even get me started about a gal that was in the grocery store in nothing but a long tunic top , worn as a dress and well even tugging could not make it cover the bum.....anyway, I am sorry I was just drawn in like bees to the bad fashion honey on this one and had to share!

So till next buzz , I am off!


  1. So love shopping with ya, Ruby!!! Even fashion shows are FUN!!!!! ;)

  2. I enjoyed the show very much!!! Agree totally that some things are not for some ages!!! She did have pretty hair, I think....and she was not in bad shape, but it's all in the toning...hence the back view. I don't like the bra straps showing either! Not chic! :(

  3. I am following from the Lady Bloggers Society and would love for you to follow me back!

  4. What a fun fashion show!!! Looks like you had a great time.

    Too bad about that woman and her bra straps but her friend should've been HONEST and told her they were really showing. It's one thing to wear a black bra under a white tanktop/wifebeater, on purpose, but this is a whole different story.

  5. But it was not just shoulder straps, that is what made me and many others around me start staring and whispering and sadly snickering ( not me on the latter) it was the back strap...and she was tugging and pulling at her top and her friend lied and did not help!


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