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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is it Tuesday yet?

I should not , and had not been all that excited for check in day. Mother Nature is calling ( sorry male readers) , so we women all know what that is going to do. I had been walking, but really not as far most days as I like and well fell off the bus of writing down what I eat day in and day out, after the disappointment of gaining, back to my original weight the week that I had been doing that. BUT I have news! I do not know how long it will last, but it is time to rejoice! I shall celebrate ...even had my bubbly!

But before I tell you about what the rejoicing is about, I will back track a bit. Ok so you know it was our anniversary this past week...we went out, but we did not over eat, and I drank my water and we got our exercise, and I was feeling pretty good about myself....then I say this pic ... First , what was I thinking with the black bra under a pink shirt , so unlike me. ( sorry again male readers) ..I was feeling great that day, thought I looked ok in the mirror, not too bloated, belly had gone down...but my goodness, I guess my mirror lied me...I was even sucking it in here!  I do like my legs though, cause you can not see the cottage cheese in this picture ...oh it is there, trust me! So anyway, back to starting weight for that day ( Yes, this was taken last Tuesday, check in day) after being so good and trying so hard...blame the fibro, blame the hormones, blame being 44, genetics pear/hourglass was , has been and is morphing into an apple ! I had always been so proud of my tiny waist and ability to hide the extra skin pooch from three births ( sorry yet again male readers) , but it is all there for you to see....WHY am I smiling in this pic??? Heck, why did I share it even???!!! There was a time that NEVER would have happened.

So why am I rejoicing this week??? Well, I woke up to 129.2 , my measurements have dropped a quarter inch all over, even in my thighs ( which are muscular under all that ripple ) It is visible...LOOK!
(re-creating the pose here...same shorts..yeah I know hiding bum...but that pretty much looks the same )
( please ignore ripples, lack of make up and well hair, not ready to talk about that...tomorrow...promise)

I know, so much excitement over just a tiny change. But you have to understand, a normal , healthy person can loose a pound in a week, keep it off and keep going, not so with fibro. We as I mentioned retain water very badly, the bloat is always a battle..the scale, always our enemy. I hear you , YEAH I am NOT wearing the pink shirt and it is tucked in, so maybe it is just not showing the bulk of the shorts...TRUST me did not make a difference in the pics ...these just turned out the best.  Yeah , I also know black is slimming...again do not rain on my parade ...even if I saw no difference in the scale, the measurements made me do a happy dance for sure! 

So what changed? Well, first I started some all natural water pills. It might be cheating, and if I go off them, yeah the bloat might come back, but I so needed that boost. I have been upping my vegies ( salads three nights in a row!) , and working on the fruits. I still have my sweets, but portions have gone down even more...even finding on my Sunday donuts day I only wanted one, not two! I have cut back on drinking , which will cause me to bloat, so less ounces and skipping a nightly glass here and there . Been getting my water in consistently still as well as my supplements. OH and Slim Fast meal bars in the Sweet&Salty Chocolate have been a life saver! 

I do not know if this will last, scale could go back up, bloat could do the same , but for this day, this very day I am celebrating a small victory and will hopefully build upon that and maybe, just maybe , flip that internal switch the other way where my body decides to cooperate with me and loose like a normal person. 

So goals this week...keep up with what I am doing, add in my DVD that I bought and do it at least 3x before next weeks check in day. OH! and pray really hard to the weight /water retention Gods for another reason to cheer next week!


  1. AW you look so good! the hair is shorter, bangs much shorter but cute! At least now there is so much less fuss over it!

  2. Thanks...yeah well the bangs will grow back actually not much shorter, just layered so it lays different.

  3. YAY!! Good for you, Steph! Lookin' good!!

  4. Fantastic!!!! Keep it up! And, you've got to have your is too short...enjoy it.

  5. Small victories count the most! :)


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