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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Walk away from the plank:Check in day/You make me smile awards!

No, I am not on a pirates ship! I am talking about planks , as in the exercise you do to strengthen your core and work other various areas of your body. I am NOT going to do them. Really I can't do them , but even if I could, I would NOT do them. I know, I know they are one of the best ones for toning , quickly the areas we women all want to tone. But I tried. I did my best, and I paid for it, two days of agonizing shoulder and neck pain...yeah just not going there again. BUT that does mean I have met one of my goals. I am now 3x or more a week adding in a DVD to my walking. Yippeee...not really,just kidding. I mean about the YIPPEE! I am bored with them, hate them, and can not wait to click the off on my DVD player. I would much rather put one foot in front of the other. But , if I want to see my body change, I have to do this. OR go to the fitness center here in our complex...give me time, I may go.

So how am I doing you ask? Well it is check in day, so guess I gotta tell. I was doing AMAZING! Seriously! Those water pills really helped flush it out of me. Even with Mother Nature here in all her glory ( again I am being sarcastic! Glory? Right! Seriously?) I was down to 128.4 ! OMG! I had not seen that weight in over a year! My belly was flat, well if you ignore the pooch from the three daughters ( who are all moved out, but the pooch has not) and the number lasted three days. I was ecstatic. Then I cut back on the water pills, I mean they are not supposed to be for the rest of my life, they are just OTC pills. Well day after , weight jumped a pound, today another half pound. So I am back in the high 129's...just a bit under 130. So that would be one month and only 2 pounds.

 I have been soooo good, for so little on the scale. Enough to make a gal find the nearest burger and fry joint and pig out! But I have not done so. Temporary set back. I just need to find a safe way to help rid myself of the water that the Fibromyalgia brings on. I am working on that..research and all takes time. HOWEVER... My waist is down nearly to goal. My hips are down an equal amount, and so are my thighs and upper neck, well I guess I just have a thick neck.

So officially today...though I would love to put the 128.4, it is 129.8
Arm: 11 inches
Waist: 26 1/4 inches
Hips : 39 1/4 inches
Thigh : 20 inches

So officially about an inch off of the body all over and two pounds ...Not great, but not that bad either. We will see what happens as I continue to try to stay on track and find a safe way to flush water and keep up with the DVD. I am still meeting my water goals, fiber, eating more fruits and vegies, my supplements, cutting back on sugar and wine and keeping my portions small.

So now onto the You Make me Smile awards !
I received this award a few days ago from Beyond The Kitchen Window 
I discovered it quite by accident. Once a week or more if I can I take time to read blogs that I follow, leave a comment, touch base etc. I follow a lot as you know, and so I do not always get to all of them, but when I see "AWARD" I try real hard to post a "CONGRATS" to the winner. Such was the case the other day, and then I saw MY blog listed! I was soooooo happy, I made someone smile. Of course if you have been reading you know it also prompted a very serious blog, and well that went well, and the person whom it was about accepted my apology. ANYWAY, now it is my turn to spread the sunshine, and name a few that make me smile.

FIRST...I HAVE to list my daughter. My partner in crime. She always makes me smile, being able to stay connected to her world through her blog also makes me smile so she HAS to be given the award....

Day In The Life Of Miss Rebecca

This next one , Living in France is a new one to me, but I can already tell it is going to be one I go to often. She made me smile with a comment she left on my blog about my hair, so she deserves it!!

This one, well she and I have bonded via email and she makes me smile daily when I see her letters in my in box A Beautiful Mess

And one that I am VERY fond of for the eye candy it provides ....Also cause It is my dream wardrobe come to life each day on my computer screen , so that makes me smile to day dream about it....What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? 

So go check out these blogs and leave them a comment, so they KNOW they have won an award and how you found them , and I just know they will make you smile too!!!!

Tomorrow.....Hard Hats and Pearls...another Robert and Ruby adventure!!!


  1. Well thank you! That is an adorable award! I love A Beautiful Mess, too! : )

  2. aw yay, awards! I will have to check out the blogs.

    Love the "hard hats and pearls" thats so cute and catchy!

  3. Ugh, I hate planks. Hate, hate, hate. I just lie there, wimpering and whining. You think I'm joking? Nope. But since you've made good progress without them, I see no more reason to do them. Whoo hoo!

  4. You are doing *great!* I would die to see that number on my scale!

  5. Woot! Thanks for the awesome award!!!! I just put it on my blog. Living in France, aka Mimi, is HILARIOUS! I love her F Bomb Fridays.

    Just checked out the Emma Pillsbury blog. What a cool find!

    26 1/4" waist? Grrrrr.....I want that!!!

    You are doing great though...keep it up!

  6. You have officially inspired me to get off my booty today!

  7. Ruby, I laughed out loud about your daughters moving out but the pooch remaining! To funny! Keep up the hard work- it will pay off! :)


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