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Monday, August 16, 2010

Yeah I got nothing.

Well, it is before pay day. The last pay day was a small check, so no adventure to share today. Hubby is home, so not going to drag him to all the girly shops, got our walk in and poked around in Cost Plus and the wine store , did our chores, and now as is typical when we stay in, it is sort of like now what?

With no house to remodel, no yard to work on , he goes to the computer to play games and surf the net for nothing in particular. I go to mine, and clear my email , not much there, go to Face Book, mid days are always slow, and then end up here. I am wanting to be creative, wanting to post something that promotes comments and discussions, new friendships or anything worth reading. But yeah, today I have nothing. So why write at all you may be asking? Why waste our time ? Well as I write for me , as a way to de-stress, take my mind off of things and a creative outlet, I had to. It is like a journal, when I skip a day, that day can become two and soon I cease to do it, always saying, "tomorrow"...Then I just don't write in it . I did that in high school and many times over. I miss it, but it just sits there and collects dust.

I could do as many do and post a single picture, and a brief paragraph and be done. I could do what many of you love and post all eye candy. But I like to keep it interesting. I like to mix it up. Give you some adventures, discoveries from my own "back yard" and inspire you to seek out some of your own. Go shopping and "take you along" , after all that is one pleasurable thing to muse upon, the "what if's" ...both in fashion , decor and even food shopping, like at the Farmers Market. I like to throw you through a loop and share my personal journey in amongst the "fluff" , even if it is not pleasurable, it is life , I do have thoughts/muses on it all. I just never know what will make you all react. Make you want to comment, make you want to come back or make you want to officially follow. It is all a mystery.

Oh there are blogger do's and don'ts . I SHOULD HAVE had a photo by now, to break up the text....but was not quite sure what to put up. I should not write as much text as it is long winded...and OH ! Doing it two days strait....gracious!  But I am not one to follow rules very well. I tend to rebel and do what I want. I do on occasion slip up and conform. Maybe out of guilt, who knows....but it never lasts long. So here I am , no pics breaking up text. No real rhyme or reason for the post. Simply a post about nothing much.

Don't we all have days like that. Where it just seems to be a whole lotta nothing ? Today is not stressful. Despite that today may be the the day our youngest finds out if she and her boyfriend and roomies to be got their apartment...meaning she will move out this week. My apartment is clean enough. There is no adventure to go on as I mentioned. It is that kind of day where you just laze around and do a whole lotta nothing, it can be rather boring, and then make you get grumpy, or you can embrace it and start looking at the bright side of it all , make it into something special. It is all personal choice. I like that. I like plans ....that is me. BUT there is something about a day that unfolds at it's own pace, is neither good nor bad. It just is. A day where you nap, or watch TV, or take a second stroll to just go people watch or feed birds on the crumbs of day old bread. Perhaps sit by the pool ( if you have one) and sip ice tea and catch up on a good book. Maybe you find a river, or the ocean and just watch the water and listen to the wind. All that is nothing really, but very pleasurable, and well that makes it something...right?

I do have plans for this week for the blog. Of course there is check in day, and well if Hubby gets his bonus check today, we might have an adventure worth writing about. I have saved up finally, a bunch of eye candy interior design photos to share, those always seem to be a hit. I am hoarding a bunch of photos linked to a theme I want to follow, might be self indulgent, but could be fun. I have finally snapped a few photos that show every day beauty, those often get comments from people that never , ever comment. So I do have plans....but today , today is all about having nothing, making it into something, or not, and seeing what happens, or doesn't.

 Call it an experiment of the blogger world. I am curious who is reading, what they do with such a day, if they will comment and tell me or even just check in and say "HI" I am here, and I am reading/following ...and make a connection across the miles that separate us....Cause THAT is really something....THAT can be EVERYTHING !!!Or maybe there will not be a single comment, and that nothingness says something.

But here, just to make it so it is all not text , so that I give YOU something, after making you read about nothing ...going to leave you with this lovely shot I took outside on my porch the other night. THIS I could look at all evening, and do nothing, and be so very happy! Sadly it lasts only a few brief moments and then it is gone, and well then there is nothing once again. *SIGH* That my friends is when you pop open that bottle of wine and embrace the nothing , and it just might become something. **GIGGLE*
Till tomorrow, may you be ok with nothing, so you can cherish and relish when something happens. OH and I will finally do the Smile award as well...need to read more blogs to decide who makes me smile the most then share!


  1. Hi!!
    It's me and I'm stopping by because I want to and you are so dear! I enjoyed the beautiful picture you took and, yes, it should always make one smile....God's beauty! Love ya lots, S!!

  2. Ruby you are to funny. I don't see you as a rule follower and I LOVE that about you!! SO post, take a day off, show pictures or do nothing but right back to back long posts. I'll be here to read and say Hi as long as you keep doing it!! ;)

  3. Thankfully I had my handy dandy bi-focals to read that one! I totally have days like that (oh wait yesterday was one) where I had nothing to write. ghads. And I think if I go about skipping days it will break my '28 days' to a habit and I will post less and less. darn laziness.

    hope today is better :)

  4. I do use pictures because I print recipes but I have never understood why there has to be so many pictures for this generation to get through a few paragraphs of writing… Your blog was fine without pictures and the last woman was very pleasant… Just do your thing

    Twitter: SolarChief


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