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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An adventure of a different type

So, as mentioned last week, I am planning on starting a anti-aging regiment. Well , I have purchased all the creams I can afford now. The brand chosen Loreal . Simply because they were on sale, came with bonus items and well I also had a coupon. It truly was the only way to afford it. And if after a couple months I see no improvement, or very little, I shall dial back to a more simple course of action such as just my tinted moisturizer and night cream.

I shall give updates via Tuesday's check in days. So we will cover weight loss/ fitness journey that day as well as anti-aging, and maybe even a way that I have pampered myself in the past week...something that does not cost a lot, but will reward all my efforts.

I am going to be brave here and share some really horrible photos. My face, naked for the world to see and close up, and because I am using my husbands computer ( mine is in the repair shop for up to 8 weeks!!) and he does not have photo shop...there will be no editing either !

So Photo number one. It is of me, not smiling, and fresh out of the shower. I do not even recognize myself, but I suppose it is what my family sees and the lady at the gas station when I go in for morning coffee:

Photo number two is me smiling, and the way it shows all my deep lines....

Photo three...bigger grin..yes I am faking wanting to smile. Besides it really shows EVERYTHING, I am also sick at the moment and very tired and sore all over. BUT it truly does show what the last two years of HUGE amounts of stress, being an insomniac for many years an just not doing much for my skin over the years and sun exposure has done to me at age 44. Just about three years back people could not believe that I had a daughter that was 23, now there is no question.


Now here in photos 4 and 5, I did them in black and white and really close up to really show the deep set lines....


And in this final photo...taken recently on a road trip adventure that I hope to share with you over the weekend, is me with make can still see the crepe like eyes are covered, but it is more so to show the texture of my skin even with make up....something I had not really noticed till this photo and while cropping it, saw...maybe I was trying to ignore it. 

I also see all the deep lines, given some are earned from smiling , and it is just the lines I got from doing so over the years. But I would like to firm up that crepe look ...maybe reverse some of the damage. 

I also see that now I have colored my hair again, that it is lacking highs and lows, so may be of need of highlights...still trying to decide on a perfect length that is easy care, easy to color and easy to style, now that I have decided to go back to short hair and stay there. 

Then I would also like to whiten my teeth....with all the coffee and red wine, health issues and such, they have taken a beating. I NEED dental implants, and I pray daily that my teeth will last until we can swing monthly payments so that I can indeed, if I qualify get them. I was told many years ago I would need constant dental care and may have dentures by my mid 30's, well I am in my mid 40's and have not been able to afford dental care for a very long time...what with no insurance, or if we did have it, one of the girls needed their teeth worked on, have oral surgery or braces or all of the above. Time and time again I have put myself last, as has my husband when it comes to dental and health related issues. We have resigned ourselves to our fate, whatever it may be for our teeth and just pray it does not effect our health health and life, as I know that it can. Till then we care for them the best that we can. 

So below is a photo of the products I shall be using in my mini battle ...

So let the anti aging, self improvement adventure begin!


  1. Oh,'re a doll no matter what you think! You sound down even though you are being brave, dear.

    #1....Kudos on wanting to reverse some adverse effects of sun, stress, etc. on your skin. However, stress is going to tear you up...soooo, gotta try to do something about that.

    Jason's dermatologist here in St. Louis was on TV this morning saying that you can reverse the effects of the sun's aging! Hurray..I hope.

    #2....Please, I understand how you feel with the Fibro and we have to keep pushing on..really, we do! I know you'd like to slap me for saying that when you and I both know how it can make you hurt!! Sorry! :(

    #3....You are you and we love you!!

    Now, all that being said..good luck with the products. For me, I'm just ticked that my daughter didn't marry the plastic surgeon that wanted to take her out so many times....HEAVY SIGH!
    Love ya, Steph!

  2. Regardless of lines and such, you do have to remind yourself you've earned every bit of it! :) And along with that you've earned strength..and I can't begin to thank you enough for the support you've given me over the last 2 years! :)

  3. Oh Ruby - I am a HUGE skin care person!! HUGE. My skincare regime starts with: AM - Exfoiliate with 7 Day Scrub by Clinique, then I cleanse with Cetaphil anti bacterial bar of soap. I tone with Clarifying lotion 2 (Clinique) then I add Turnaround Concentrate by Clinique and Moisturize with ROC (sunscreen a must) and eye cream is All About Eyes (Clinique.)

    Night: Cleanse with bar, Moisturize with Roc Night Cream.

    Once a week - I use Borghese's Mud Mask.

    Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  4. You are beautiful!!!!! I understand your concerns but be proud of those lines. I use Loreal and Oil of Olay. I find them just as good as the expensive stuff.

  5. You're amazing and beautiful! I work in the beauty industry...I've actually developed a lot of the products out there that offer hope in a jar. And believe me, #1 the most important thing is how you feel. You are a beautiful person and your smile just warms my soul and I bet everyone you meet feels the same way. I do have to say that a lot of the products out there do work. I've seen results in clinical trials so good luck addressing any of the concerns you might have. Can't wait to hear how it all turns out!

  6. a message from #1..the original old lady...i need a good product for age spots..i think i may try clinique.

  7. Just remember -- the lines are more apparent to you than to others. They just see YOU. :)

    I'm curious what ingredients the anti aging creams have. I try to use sunscreen/antioxidants/peptides by day (Olay Regenrist) and retinol (Neutrogena) by night. (of course my retinol ran out weeks ago and I'm too cheap to replace it). Honestly, I can't tell if they make any difference or not. I'll be curious to hear your results!

  8. Ruby - I'm ashamed to admit that I have never taken good care of my skin, but was always blessed to not have to worry too much about it. Although as I approach my 40th year on this earth, I see that the time is a changing, and I MUST start an adventure SOON ... before it's too late! Your post is motivating me to DO IT!!! Perhaps I'll write on my blog about it, too! Thanks for the inspiration (for the record - I do think you are stunning just as you are!!!)


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