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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Check in and a blog award!

So it is Tuesday again. It has been a frustrating week , weight wise. It has been as high as 129 and as low as, 127.2. I have been doing the same thing as always, getting my walks in. Watching my sweets and salt. Portion control. I tried the normal water pills ...have mentioned before Fibro symptoms include loads of unexplained water weight. It simply does not help with the number on the scale,measurements or even how clothing fits. I often have this happen and then find myself trying to live salt free, exercising like a made woman and well taking the darn water pills and downing 10-12 glasses of water instead of 8....and I can still see my belly inflate like a balloon! FRUSTRATION !!!!! That is the only word for it. Oh then to top it off I am sick...with a cold up all needless to say I am not a real joy to be around this past week. OH and can we throw in my computer is sick and has to be turned in for repair BOOOOO HOOOO!

I have no big ideas on what to do, but today is grocery day, so going to pick up loads of vegies, fruit and lean meat and just stick to the plan and do my best. I did decide to indulge in a apple cider doughnut yesterday ...made fresh to order!!! Went wine tasting and did not pour out after a sip AND a huge bowl of chili and cheese and crackers....basically sometimes you have to say " To hell with it!!" TODAY I shall start with a clean slate...and hopefully next week, I shall be more in the mood to be motivational and have a great report on my progress....but till then....moving on. 

I received a blog award! Can you imagine??? YES, another blog award! Here sometimes I wonder if anyone is really reading or caring...yeah I have insecurities...I am human. But I guess they are, or at least a few are and I have been rewarded!!!

 Isn't this cute?? My friend The Lucky Dame over at A Beautiful Mess gave it to me. There are rules to receiving this award....
Rules for this award:
  • Thank the person who awarded this to you. Well, duh!
  • Copy and put the award on your blog. :)
  • List 3 things which you love about yourself:  
  • Post a picture of yourself that you love
  • Pass this on to a couple of the sweetest bloggers...because we like to share the love.
So I thanked my friend, copied and put the award here, now , three things I love about me:

1. I have a huge heart, and am not afraid to show it, aka wear it on my sleeve.
2. I have become stronger and stronger through all the hardships I / we have faced over the years, not giving in ( too often) and not giving up ( even when I really wanted to!) 
3. I love that I have become comfortable with me. My curves,  my smile, even though it is not perfect and my teeth need a lot of work due to illness and age. I have also become comfortable with my photo being taken and then actually sharing it here for everyone to see, even though I see all the flaws in each photo and would rather not do so.  

Here is a photo I like of myself. I could have posted a fashion shot that I adore...but I love this one because it shows that despite my "obsession" with loosing some pounds/inches and wanting to eat more healthy, I can still enjoy life, and all the simple pleasures it Red Velvet Cupcakes and Cream Cheese frosting! Ok.......

Now I have to give it to others....I am going to delay this. I need to think on it a bit...I will do so. I promise. So next Tuesday I shall post the award, the rules and the blogs I am rewarding it to ...sooner if I find those that like receiving it and have not already.


  1. That is the most darling photo of you! And please mail me one of those cupcakes right now. Looks so yummy!!!

    Really enjoy your blog and your friendship. I know I've been MIA lately but it's due to work being busy but I always read your blog.

  2. Congrats!!!

    Yes, sometimes you have to just let go and EAT!

    I knoe too well about the water retention from Fibro...UGHHH!

    That is one of the cutest pics I've seen of it!!! <3

  3. It seems when one is having a not so great day, the universe sends love and surprises to us. Yes, people are reading your blog - I for one. You are one courageous person - leading everyone through life. Thanks!

  4. CONGRATS on your award --- SO deserved, dear!


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