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Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Apple a Day-Trip

I am telling you, I should aim to eat an apple a day. My cold , though getting a bit better, is going on nearly two weeks worth of symptoms. I now also am contending with tooth pain, which I am praying turns out to be a sudden sensitivity issue, though my receding gums, and penchant for chewing ice, and well being truthful, forgetting to floss as often as I should point to needing more than a special tooth paste...ahhh years of bad health and now age...lovely what it does to us!!
Anywho, being sick, and worried over my tooth, has really taken it's toll and now the neighbors from HELL are on day three of moving out ( how much can one family have living in a two bedroom apartment??) and I am once again stuck inside trying to avoid them, so thought, despite still feeling the need to just veg, I would share our recent day trip to the Apple Hill area of the Mother Load Country. It is a region just above Placerville CA, and actually encompassing parts of Placerville that is known for all it's apple/produce farms, most of which have U-Pick or a barn store to purchase apples, and many other types of fruit and things made with said fruit. Many farms also have gift stores, food stands with wonderful though fattening things to eat for lunch....and a bakery filled with yummy desserts. Some of the farms also have petting zoos, hay and corn mazes during this time of year and so many other wonderful things to do and see. Also in this area is many wineries , and we have found many outstanding boutique wineries...and have a couple favs that we visit every year from late September through December. This , in this area is Apple Hill season.

Many people go to Apple Hill for pumpkins, then Christmas trees, but mainly to see the leaves change colors and to buy PIES! Oh the pies are renowned...well worth the drive it takes to get to one of the farms in Apple Hill. There is whole tours based off of where you can buy pies, not to mention fudge/candy, and all desserts containing apples of course.

So this past Monday , yep nearly a week ago...told you I have not been well. Hubby and I made a trip to Apple Hill.Our first stop was Larsen's Barn ( and farm) in Camino Ca. Home of the oldest apple tree in Apple Hill ( we could not find it though) a huge water wheel, museum showing the history of the area, the Larsen linage and apple farming. We saw a log cabin that had been moved twice , and now is part of the farm. There was a produce barn, where we did not buy apples ( two people, a bushel of apples..too many to eat!) , but did buy some amazing grapes. There was a bake shop where you could buy lunch and those apple desserts mentioned , and according to the guide book we had water falls ( but again did not see them...but then we did not ask). OH most important, real bathrooms with hot water! Not porta potties...I was on water pills and 8 glasses of water that day!

Here is a photo collection of what we saw.....
 Each farm is given a number so you can follow the Apple Hill trail . This is a scene from the parking lot showing the cross roads to follow the trail.
 This is an active water wheel next to the orchards.

 The backside of the bakery, the parking lot and the apple orchards beyond.....
 All sorts of YUMMIES wait behind this door!
 Bushels and bushels of apples!
 View of farm from a great vantage point....
 You can sample their fruits..we could not resist the dark purple grapes and snacked on them the rest of the day.
Vintage cars ...perfect for a photo op.
 Inside the set ups showing life as it once was on the Larson Farm, various family heirlooms, including clothing , hair "tools", things to make womenfolk's stockings, and other tools of beauty, as well as family photos, from the beginning of the family here in Apple Hill, all the way to current day.....


 Of course tools of the farm trade were included....

  Here is the cabin.....   `  
Well, that is Larsen's Barn...#9 on the Apple Hill trail, on Larsen Road in Camino Ca. sure to check out all the links provided for more information and history..Tomorrow, two more farms, a winery, and another cemetery !


  1. That was a lovely trip! Thanks, Steph!

  2. What a great place - thanks for sharing!

  3. Ooooo - I love these little adventures you take us on, Ruby! And this was a great one ... although, I'm so sorry you aren't feeling 100% yet. And the tooth pain - yuck! That's one of the worst feelings ever (that, and back pain, oh, and foot pain. Ok, let's just say "any pain" is bad pain, don't you think?) I hope things are quieting down on the neighbor end, and you are able to get out and get some fresh air. Feel better soon!


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