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Monday, September 27, 2010

Barn Yard Animals and Apple Cider Donuts....

Picking up where we left off yesterday, in the Apple Hill region of Northern Ca , when we were last at Larsen's Apple Barn....we then continued up the route to another farm, Apple Ridge Farms, also in Camino CA, and on Larsen drive. This place had a lot to offer, wonderful things to eat, from BBQ to Desserts and nearly everything in between that had to do with apples. There was a petting zoo, hay maze, nature trails, a gift shop and even a place to take fun photos...and much more ! *click name of farm for all info Check out some of the photos we took of course I could not refuse the wood with cut out places for your face picture ops!

 I adore farm animals as I grew up on a small farm and helped raise animals...memories!

 Apple snacks !
 Yard ornaments galore!
 Even chocolates to be had! Or how about a pie to take home???

 Maybe a sauce or two?
 It may look easy, but only is if you cheat!
 More and more apples to be had!
After exploring Apple Ridge Farms we went in search of the famous Fresh, made to order, Apple Cider Donuts at Rainbow Orchard.... It was luckily back the way we had come on Larsen Rd. , in fact just around the corner from Larsen's ....We sampled cider, enjoyed the grounds and of course had donuts!

 Follow the rainbow!

 Flowers, a place to sit under the trees and beautiful pumpkins!
 Even wine!!!
 The cider was so great on a hot day!
 Syrups, jams, jellies and spreads.....
 Hot, yummy goodness!
 OOPS! Caught in the act!
Tomorrow, check in day....and then Wednesday, back to the adventure!


  1. OMG - I am craving something sweet - your pic just did me in!!
    What a fun trip!

  2. Thanks for taking us to this place. It reminds me of a similar place that we visit in central Illinois -- only when we go (in October), we usually are wearing heavy coats because it is so cold out!

  3. First off, I love your top you are wearing! So cute.

    Love the pile of pies waiting in the fridge...haha! Was it really warm when you went?

    Now I wanna go's just so hot right now. Hard to get in the Autumn Spirit. :)

  4. This was a bad bad post. Ever since I read it I have scoured google pages looking for a recipe for apple cider donuts and they are all so lengthy! I just want one, I don't want all the effort to make them though!


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