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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall is in the air

It looks like Fall is nearly here. Oh sure I know Wednesday is the first full day....but I always look to the weather actually changing . Finally here in Northern California we are seeing /feeling that happen. The air is cooler, the mornings now at times require long sleeves or a light jacket, and I actually had a hot cup of tea mid day. Tomorrow we are actually having a 50% chance of rain; actually looking forward to it.

I have had my first Pumpkin Latte, and I already have my small amount of Fall decor on the kitchen counter
( all the room we have since moving to the apartment) and I know it must be close to real Fall weather around here cause the stores are filling up with scarves, knitted hats, gloves, sweaters and "Wellies" . The other day I took a few photos  of an assortment of warm fuzzies at  Forever 21( before getting caught, it is against "the rules" to take pics in Forever 21)  JC Pennies and Charlotte Russe.....I can hardly wait to start wearing the items I already own as well as add a few new goodies to my collection.

I just LOVE Fall Accessories really helps update my current wardrobe for very little money! I am especially loving all the jewelry that features owls....owls always make me smile as my Grandma used to collect owls, so they remind me of her.....Anyway, here is what photos I was able to get....What will YOU add to your Fall wardrobe this year???
I like to add new jewelry to cotton turtlenecks....

Of course fun hats and scarfs are perfect even to dress up my walking clothing. They come in every color and texture!!!

You have to have a fab wrap! These can be dressed up and down , and I saw them in several colors and prints and lengths, great for layering.  And of course you have to have shoes and a great hand bag for the season....

  **** all images taken by me at Forever 21, JCP and Charlotte Russe...These are three of my fav places to find wonderful products at great prices to add to my wardrobe throughout the seasons.


  1. Oh, man..... do I want me some cool boots and scarves! I've been saving the last of my birthday money for a new pair of knee high boots, and now I am itching to shop. But now I think I'll have to hold some of the funds back for some groovy knitwear. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Yes! I love Fall....the perfect time of year. Before all the madness of the holidays, just love it.

    I wish it got cooler down here so I could wear mittens/gloves. Granted, I'm super lucky to live in such a mild climate but sometimes I would like to experience some different seasons.

    Forever 21 has cute stuff but, omg, so damn tiny!!! haha Even their Large is like a X-Small for me. haha

    BTW, left you a blog award on my blog. Go get it!

  3. I really loved the shoes with the feathers..of course, i just bet it does not come in a 5 1/2. I don't know how to classify myself so i just say i am anonymous...but this is your mother!


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