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Sunday, September 12, 2010

History with a touch of Fall in the air....latest adventure! Part 3

I hope that you have been enjoying the tour through Marshall Gold Discovery State Park. I have loved sharing it with you ! Today is rather a lazy day. Tried to sleep in, after a night of restless sleep. It is noon and still I sit here in my Pj's and though I have made coffee it has not lifted the fog. I am at odds as to what to do with my day. Had I not promised that I would post this blog today, not sure I would be anywhere other than on my couch dozing . But I did and so here I am. Happy to be so. Always good for me to have something to do besides be a couch potato.

I mentioned that we saw wild life and picked pears from the orchard that has been there for over 100 years , and I wanted to share those photos with you today as I close out the blogs about our trip to Coloma. I was amazed when I saw three , young female deers walking in the fields near us, and all but one seemed to not notice or care that we were there snapping photos as they grazed. I took so many. As they got closer and closer I took more and more. I was just in awe. I am only going to share one today....the only one I got with all three peaceful it all was. I could have watched them for hours!

Then there were the Geese in the orchard...they did not care a wit that we were walking around, talking , and picking pears.....

Hubby took a couple pics of course as I was doing so

I plan to use a pear for a dessert for us tonight , and the rest I shall share with friends ....
Here is the  link if you can not read this...and guessing you can not. I am just too sleepy to type it out.

Tomorrow I shall share how it turned out and a pic of the final product.......till then enjoy your Sunday. I am not heading back to the couch and well plan to doze off for a quiet afternoon nap.


  1. Yummmy is right! Love pear recipes and I haven't seen this one yet (thanks for the link). Can't wait to see the pic of the finished product!

  2. It's been a pleasure on this journey... looking forward to the pear recipe... come visit when you can...


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