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Thursday, September 2, 2010

In The Bedroom.....

HA! I bet your mind went somewhere that it probably should not...shame on you ...but we are all adults here, I maybe it is ok.  What this post is about, is the decor of my bedroom. I actually have not had a decorated bedroom in  nearly three years! I have not had a bed frame in one and a half. I have done and redone the main living spaces, both in our home and the apartment a few times and well the bedroom is always the forgotten room.

In our beautiful home in Texas, when we had money to spare, I had a luxurious master bath, custom walk in closet and I really enjoyed fixing up my bedroom...first in a sparse Asian Modern, spa like feel. Later when I bought an antique bed , all carved and beautiful , and a few other antique pieces, I re-did the bedroom in a soft, girly, romantic feel. Then we moved back to California to our 1922 cottage and the room was tiny, the closet was tiny, it was a broken up space and we talked big of joining it to the next room for a walk in closet and sitting area and so I never even painted or bought curtains or new bedding. I lived in a beige box of a room with metal blinds and no pictures and not even a lamp near the bed. I had the bed frame and such, but with my health issues it became so hard to get in and out , especially at night as I get up quite when we knew we were loosing the home, I sold my beloved antiques and replaced them with cheap IKEA dressers and and a metal mattress frame. This is how my bedroom has been furnished since we moved in to the apartment, nearly a year ago.

When I decided I wanted to redo my LR here, being bored with the decor, which often happens to me...especially since I can not paint. I decided to put the teal blue sheers from the LR into my room, as I already had a ROSS marked down special comforter that had blue in it, and then transfer the art work our daughter Rebecca had done for me as my Mother's day and Birthday gift. Of course you already know I gave my other larger art work to our youngest for her apartment. I was happy with just that little bit of decor that was going to happen. I was to have what really resembled a bedroom someone lived in....although now the LR is rather blank ! That will change in time.

THEN, Rebecca gave me a store display shelving unit that she had received from a co-worker. She painted it blue , the deep teal that was our accent wall in our beloved cottage.It would provide towel and bedding storage and add a bit of merchandising surface as well. So that would really add a pop of color and tie in the sheers. I was very excited. It got better!

One day she called me about a head board she was looking at down the street at our local Goodwill. It was a queen size, but would work for my full size bed. It would fit the Asian/Ocean theme of my bedroom, and was in perfect condition , only 11.00. I was excited, but was broke. She bought it for me!!! So now I had a head board! It was all coming together!

So this past Monday, we put the room all together. I still want white dressers, and I want a new side table ...hoping I can find "vintage" in all three and just paint them so they have character , but for now the IKEA will do. So here are the pics. The one of the bed is a tiny bit blury....sorry....but I did not make my bed today so not taking a new one !  What do you think??? Not bad for a nothing budget!

Tomorrow , French Girl Friday...all about the body.


  1. That looks beautiful, Steph!!! Everything looks so well put together and the shelving Rebecca painted for you is gorgeous! The artwork is is Rebecca's, correct?

    Great job! Now I feel like I need to get my booty in my room and figure something else a funk, I am!!

  2. hi, by coincidence me and my wife are currently discussing redecorating in time for xmas- blue was suggested, couldn't picture it. But I love that teal blue! Going to make a note of that.

  3. @Juliette Samuel Glad that you like it. Not my dream bedding, but that will come in time.

  4. Thanks everyone , my friends who comment, as you know if your email is ok'd by you in your profile with google to be shared, I shall email you privately in you all, even none google followers though <3

  5. Wow it looks really good Ruby! I don't see "budget" anywhere!

  6. So lovely, Ruby!! I am LOVING the display shelves and the color - what a great piece!

  7. Ruby is that the shelf you were telling me about? I LOVE IT!!!!!!


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