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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wine and Tombstones

As promised after the slap in the face realizations of yesterdays post, we continue the adventure taken last week. We have been exploring only a tiny portion of the Apple Hill region of Northern California; the Northern Sierra Foothills. I never tire of that area, and going at different times of the year, offer different experiences. One that we always enjoy is wine tasting. Along with the Farm Trail in this area, there is a wine trail as well. We have gone to many of the wineries, and the views NEVER cease to blow us away, even if at times the wine does not.

We do have one winery that we always make sure to return to. Fenton Harriott Vineyards. It is located in the hills above Placerville. Amongst the pines, and apple orchards and rolling hills full of grape vines and farms that dot the landscape. You drive up a road way called Jacquier Court, turn onto a road that leads up a hill and there you will find a small tasting room....

....The view from the parking lot....

 Hubby can not resist looking at and plucking at least one grape after we purchase our wine .....
And of course we have to take our "couple shots" 

After leaving the winery, we drive back down Jacquier Court , and realize we are also passing through a town, or what once was a township of Smithflat. And we pulled over to take a couple shots of the one remaining historical building and much to our delight, on the hill, an old cemetery.Smith Flat Cemetery. *Click link for complete history!

 It is a peaceful space. Like all "residents" are at rest
 It is sad to see some markers are little more than rubble in the dirt.
 Whole family units are together for ever after.....
 But what a beautiful view to have for all eternity!
 Old wood markers from the mid to late 1800's still stand upright , but with no words to tell the story of who is beneath them left of the weathered surfaces.

 Some one once cared enough to purchase a stone and make sure the final resting spot was well marked.

 Some markers are left to fade away, while others , someone has tried to save.

And so like the residents here, hubby and I move on...just in a different way. Tomorrow a pictorial of  a place once known as Hangtown.


  1. Oooh, enjoyed that trip! I will have to share some pics with you of a cemetery close to our house that we drove through not long ago. Some tombstones were early 1700's!! Thanks, Steph!

  2. The winery seems like fun...I need to get out more!


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